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Nah Man - this site is not dry - just needs our resident 'Bhangra Expert' Amreek Sian to get things started!

Here's something for "Sada Midland da Munda" - a seriously CHEESY blast from the past - now everyone get those shoulders and that bubble perm/ mullet working - and all together now - 'SOHo Road Utey! Soho Rd utey !

Click if you dare ! ( I am not to be held responsible if your innocent eyes are traumatised by the sight of grown men in glittery jump suits !)


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kheer...lol...with badam? that seriously spoils it..lol

LOL...geeza pulls a classic out of nowhere...i have seen Sardara Gill lately he still performs..and he's wicked!

hows things wiv you freedo bhaji

heres a video on alaap


u know there heavy! ;)

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Ah Channi - Bless him - he's still working that white scarf !

did you read the comments under the video -

"Channi Singh from Alaap must be 70 years old now" :LOL:

Has Sardara Gill still got the curly 'Kevin Keegan' Hair ? - Talking of Brummie singers whatever happened to Balwinder Safri ? He had a really good voice.

Here's another Cheesy video - not as mature as the Apna Sangeet one but still definitely 'Cheddar' - I mean who told Jazzy he could dance - it looks like he's being given electric shocks or something !

Classic video - my cousin sent me it from Canada (hence the dodgy quality) - but to be honest the video might be cheesy - with Jazzy doing his best Kuldip Manak impersonation - but you can't really fault the voice ! - Jazzy may do some dodgy tracks but he has got a real 'old school' voice - I'd like to see him do an 'old school' album of 'Kallian' Manak style with traditional instruments - now that would be heavy !

Enjoy it !


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balwinder..his career went down hill..after beating his missus up

surprisingly..he still has da curls...but he rocks the floor man...gets everyone going!

jazzy b..never been a fan of him..but hes doing it bigtime..lol..successful

couldnt find any live videos of as kang..lol..bringing back da oldies arent we..hahaha

u seen this heera video...pure class man..looked at how many banday are onda stage...LOL


they said there releasin an album...reviving da old tracks it looks like

and alaap also.

freedo..can u play any instruments?

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Heera - they were HUGE - Dhami thought he was 'Tom Jones' didn't he - what was he thinking I mean 'leather trousers and glitter top' teamed with the 'Village People' moustache - How camp was that !

Unfortunately I can't play any instruments - well not properly - though I do have a collection of them - that's really sad aint it !!! -The wife's hidden the Tumbi - I think I can play - she doesnt agree !

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Amrik Bhraava !

no one seems to want to add to your 'Bakwaas' thread - people on SA must just be 'too cool for school' types - can't be seen to be making a fool of themselves - I have no such qualms - so here is some stuff

hopefully this will restart this topic - a woefully lame - but CLASSIC joke ( in the same vein as Guv's moo joke)

It still makes me laugh out loud (credit goes to Jussi - she thought it up during a very boring lecture at college !)

Here goes

" What did the Punjabi say to the Hooker ? "

"Hor Kiddan ? " ( ਹੋਰ ਕਿੱਦਾਂ ? )


Yes very lame - and of questionable credentials - but hey - everyone should nurture their inner child


If that don't restart the thread - here is Super CHEESY video from the 1980s

- Pump up the Bhangra - By Pardesi -- Man that 'Travolta' Singh has got some choice Moves !!!!

Click link to see ;


:shock: :shock: :LOL: INSANE !

I've been told I shouldn't take the Mick out of punjabi singers - The 'Mrs' thinks its disrespect to our Ma Boli - So to show I love my Ma Boli - today of all days - Mother's Day in the UK - Here is an undisputed Classic

Mohd Sadiq - sings the Kissa of Sucha and Kukar - 'Sucha Singh Soorma'

A punjabi tale of Love, Honour, Betrayal and Revenge

Great Stuff !

'Dub Ditta Ghora' - more hardcore than any 'Gangster rap'

Click Link


If you liked that - check out the 'Folk Heritage of Punjab' thread for more classics


Thats enough from me - going out to enjoy the weather before it snows as predicted for next week !!

Post more 'Bakwaas' we need to get Amreek Sian's thread to 1000 !!

Roger Wilco - Over and Out


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