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Be aware of "Rastrya Sikh Sangat" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Here is a brief description of the Rastrya Sikh Sangat (RSS), an anti-Sikh group, which is funded by the BJP and other right-wing Hindu organizations.

__________Beginning of excerpt______________

Rastrya Sikh Sangat [RSS]

RSS's religious programs do not lay so much emphasis on propagating Hinduism as to reclaiming those who had adopted other religions during the last few hundred years. For this they adopt a very aggressive attitude.

They resort to inflammatory speeches and writings against Sikh religions and spread canards about them. To project Sikhism as a part of Hinduism, they have created an organization called "Rashtrya Sikh Sangat." Its chief aim is, by telling every kind of lie, to show that there is nothing new in the Sikh scripture, that it is only the reinterpretation of the Vedas, that the aim of the Gurus was to defend Hinduism and nothing else, and that all the Sikh Gurus and martyrs were Hindus, and therefore, the Sikhs should start calling themselves Hindus.

The Congress Party too, with the object of absorbing the Sikhs in the Hindu mainstream, has been propping up a number of organizations which came into conflict with the Sikhs. Nirankaris, Radha Soamis and many other big and small organizations were made use of to project Sikhism as a part of Hinduism and they were given extensive financial help. However, in the history of free India, it has happened for the first time that by falsely claiming a non-Hindu religion as a branch of Hinduism, the "Sangh Parivar" which includes BJP also) has openly setup an organization with the object of annihilating that independent religion and has succeeded in enrolling a few persons with Sikh appearance also--particularly in the states outside Punjab. Now this organization has come to exert all of its energies towards opening its branches in the Punjab villages. The fact that Radhasoamis have already succeeded in their plans has provided encouragement to this organization. The second most important factor is that after the conclusion of the alliance with the BJP, the Akalis are almost sleeping over every anti-Sikh activity and are not prepared even to open their lips. To reap the maximum advantage from the prevailing situation, the RSS has intensified its activities. They have launched a strong propaganda drive to project Sikhism as an offshoot of Hinduism, and BJP leaders at the local level are openly joining the anti-Sikh campaign.

They are sure that the Akalis will not prevent them from doing so. A magazine "Quamantri Panj Dariya" published from Ludhiana had published a report three months ago in which it was stated that RSS-BJP were pinning hopes on their campaign and are sure of their success in Punjab. This magazine published interviews of several leaders in which they had expressed the hope that they would set up RSS branches in every village of Punjab within a year.

_________________End of Excerpt_________________


>[source: The Spokesman, October 1997 (Monthly issue), pages 23-24]



>In this article, a color photograph is shown of a person with a kesri

>dastar and a flowing beard. The person is not a Sikh but a "bhiya" from

>UP. He sits "outside a RSS camp is Punjab," according to Spokesman.

>PS: I urge everyone to support this periodical. For information on how

to subscribe to The Spokesman, please see:


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