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Creation of Universe

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Another interesting write-up:

Satguru first describes what was before creation: "Arbad, narbad dhundoo kaaraa, dharn na gugana hukum apaaraa" pg 1035. This means for countless ages there was utter darkness (nothingess), no heaven or earth. The will of akaal reigned everywhere. No day no night, no sun, no moon. Only akaal stayed in solitary mediatation.

Then guru jee says "keetaa pasaao eko kavao". With his one word, the universe was created. Then what was the process? on pg 1037-38 Satguru describes that the elements of air and water were evolved along with everything else in the universe. on pg 19, Satguru says "sache te pavanaa bhaiyaa pavne te jal hoi. jal tay tribhavan saajiyaa, ghat ghat jot samaay" from the true one, air (gases) were created and from them was created water. From water arose the three worlds (metaphor or common term for the universe and all within) with his divine light within all bodies. Also "tis tay hoi lukh dareeaao", there were hundreds of thousands of oceans created. This is in line with beliefs that other planets also had/have bodies of water.

Satguru continues and says, "kai baar pasario paasaar, sadaa sadaa ik ekankaar" many times has creation been created (the universe been created) only Akaal is forever. This clearly shows that satguru has told us that the universe has been created, destroyed and recreated many times: we are just in one cycle of this creation. And even commenting on other parts of the universe we can't see, satguru says "kaytay pavan panee baisantar" countless are the airs (atmospheres), waters and fires.

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