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Shivcharan Singh (Karam Kriya)


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Gurfateh !

Here is a video I recently rediscovered of Shivcharan Singh of Karam Kriya London.

It is from a AKJ UK Hola Maholla event for young children and Students.

Give it a watch it is interesting - even if it's only to see Bhai Sahib's magnificent Red Beard !!

Seriously though - It gives food for thought and Bhai Sahib has a great definition of who is a Sikh - which I'll try to paraphrase - " Every moment I remember and honour Waheguru - I am a Sikh - Every moment I don't I am not a Sikh "

Shivcharan Singh - Sri Guru Singh Sabha , Slough. UK - 19 March 1995

Click to view ;


Ranjit Singh 'Freed'

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