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There are a few bhaatrey Gurdwarai in the UK, I don't really know much about them except that they serve mass in the Gurdwara, including full English breakfast on Saturdays at one of them I have heard (Nottingham)!

There are also some wierd practices like women can't face men, and in langar eat facing the walls, and can't face the kirtani etc (heard form a Bhenji who performed kirtan at the Norfolk Gurdwara a few years ago, and who refused to oblige).

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They originate from a particular location in Pakistan and have many 'cultural' habits which have influenced their religious lifestyles in common with their then Muslim coreligionists (re: veiling of their womenfolk, language and mannerisms).

They are arguably one of the first Sikh settlers in the UK and predominantly Keshadhari. The communities are usually found in select areas and retain a strong feeling of communal 'biradari' amongst themselves.

"Tony Singh" ITV Chef of the Year from Edinburgh is an example of the more well known Bhatra Sikh figures in the UK.

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