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Anger Problems!


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I've got anger problems! Sumtimes small tings can trigger dem off, i've been trying 2 do wahguru simran, it has worked a little but i still hav da habit of getting vexed! Were i get angery is wen i'm @ home (because i can't get along wid my parents, but i'm trying), @ work (Customers and work stress), ppl missleading me 4 being a muslim?!! (Since 9/11 (Mayb i'am 2 pronode?)).

Is der ne different way of wahguru simran i can do which might b better?

Da way i've been doing wahguru simran is by, sitting in silence in da dark usualy @ 12am b4 i go 2 bed. Eyes closed, breathing in, den out, as i breath out i say wahguru slowly. Den i can feel my hairs rise, up 2 my head, my breathing seems 2 get faster @ dis time. I usualy start crying den tinking of god while doing wahguru simran.

Is der ne other way or do i jus hav 2 do it more, or do i hav 2 go 2 anger management classes? + i hate wen i get vexed cos it gives me a head ache.

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think about all the things you have that is good in your life and that God has gifted you with.

But it seems the way you are doing Naam Simran is a good technique coz you crying shows that its really touching you. I love music so maybe try doing simran using a waja or a musical instrument- it works for me.

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Rupz veer ji,

There are many ways to do simran. Different individual uses different tehcniques.

Try doing yoga which can help with the simran.

here is the website you can se the picture for urself and i think this white dude name - shiv charan singh khalsa something like that teaches it. I heard lot about him. He is good

try goin to do the yoga classes who knows it might works for you..

here is the url: http://www.sikhi.org.uk/photos/StratfordRo...ession11-06-03/

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all u goto dois nxt time u know suming is gna get u vexed THINK OF THE CONSEQUENCES which is where most ppl lack...

Sumitmesif ive been angered about 1 thing... all the liccle things bug me... it became a habbit for me.

Now what i do is question myself. before so much "ukher" (attitude) used to come outta me i used 2 b the biggest B@"CH in the world... to mosta my family an sum m8z.

You gotto realise theres more to ppl around u. I went to skool one day and i was looking at all the classes cus u can see dem from the playground. Every1 was working and i was walking to class.... i thougt to myself besides my own world...every single person lives in their world...

99% of the time they r thinking about suming else rather than there work ... got streesses from home or elsewhere....!

Every1 u walk past in the street sit past in the bus... is thinking about suming in their life... sum issue or nuva is making them unhappy... and then i realised my slefish and ugly self... i didnt wana b the person i was anymore. All the dramas at home and skool - i though i had it the worst - ofcourse that was bull.

You have to learn to repress. When ur angry question it - is it even worth it???? Not 4 u.... but 4 the otha person... mot only is t a sin to b angered in u... but to get sum1 else angry isnt dat worse????

When u said u were crying... was it cuz of da Simran? or was it cuz u had jus been upset?

Sum1 sed to me buy a box of tic tacs - and evrytime u get angry eat one tic tac.... i got thru the whole box in less dan a week and i realised how bad i had been. It might take sumthing big or sumthing small to make u realise... veerji, stay on the path or just do Mool Mantar eveyday to help u get ova ur anger intensity... worked 4 me. Just wen u get a spare minuete or 2.... say it ith your heart FULLY man... CRY OUT yo.... u aa Princess rem....

You just gotto open your eyes wider...in that u can understand how.. i know i havnt been to specific...its cuz its different for everyone init.

Dont concentrate too much on the technique sis... and theres no need to do it in the dark.... its even better if ur sitting doing it with the sun shining on ur face.... BE STRONG... its kalyug coming into the oom wen u get angry... dont kalyug win sis... be string man... u GuruJi's DAUGHTER... dont get angry ova things.... u goto go out in this world strong and tough.... be strong and dont get trampled ova.. but dont become too strong in that u start tellin everi1 off like...

VAHEGURU Simran is the best medicine in theworld.... everyday just take 5 mins out of ur day to do Simran. JUST 5 mins. Out of 12 hours... u can take ou 5 mins cant u????

Just out of love... and after time... u will see da difference. PROMISE.


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Sorry SORY SORRY Pageeeeeee....! :D Lolz...!

You can be a princess though if u want - JOKE....!

If u r crying cuza da simran - i big u u up SOOO MUCH.... u must b such a blessed soul

Pagee.... yo.... take it eezee man.... its not worth it..! You know this anyway.... just like the 1 mark in an exam can make the difference... maybe thats how it is in GuruJis realm.... that one time u got angry might ake the difference btween what happens to you.

Nuff REspect to u pagee.... surprisingly, u've helped me in a way.

Sum1 in a family used to have and still kinda dus have an anger thingy problem... so i know how it is.... but... pagee... im asking u as ur liccle sister :) being on the other side of anger isnt nice. Infact 4 me its the most uncomfortable plae to be in. More than u an possibly imagine. Pagee... take ur iniplayer or walkan or sumthing yeah wid ur favourite Kirtan on yeah... and just b absorbed in it at work orskool or woteva...! I neva used 2 get along wid ma mum.... i ean NEVA..... i used to be the MOUTHIEST gal u cud eva meet..... but u know its madew me learn a lot bouut things... and i luk back and think its not worth it. It tuk a really big thing to happen in my family to realise how precioous evri1 is... specially ma mum. All i can say to u is realise and open ur eyes quickly.....


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