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Fundraiser to purchase specs for our beloved chatangadude


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Dear members, friends and esteemed admins,

As you all know very well we are very fortunate to have with us on this forum a great personality. A personality that only comes around (thankfully) once in a million years... maybe (read: hopefully) even once in a billion years... a certain personality that makes it a joy to visit this discussion forum.. a personality eminating of predisposions and blind-hatred.. a dark-energy personality in this bright modern age.. who brings about darkness and the comfort of uncertainty... afterall.. there is just too much information out there.. what we need is no longer RAW, un-tainted, uncultured, truthful information but rather 'filtered'.. bits and pieces.. scraps and chunks of regurgitated and tainted factoids... THAT.. is what we desperately need and can't do without.. no longer needed are page numbers, website addresses.. publishing dates.. all that is needed now more than ever.. is HATRED... passionate hate mind you.. but lots of it!...

I am pleased.. that in this day and age... God has been kind to us.. and we have been blessed with this unique personality.. right here on this forum... we are so blessed that there isn't any need to travel.. all the great pointless thoughts and misinformation is being delivered to our very monitor screen right in the comfort of our homes... aako satnaam!

How can this be?.. who is this great personality? Without further adue.. i introduce u to... chatanga-dude...aako satnaam!... please.. feel free to clap now while sitting infront of the computer!..

Unfortunately as humanbeings.. we all get old... at times we get grumpy... sad.. find no point in life... get a kick out of demeaning and insulting other religions... cursing the HINDOOS.. it's all natural part of life... but sadly none of this is very effective without proper eyesight!...

Please people.. dig deep into your pockets... think of ALL the MISINFORMATION.. the SLANDERING... THE HATE SPEECHES... THE BELITTLINGS that chatanga dude has brought to us without any hesitation and thought for his own wellbeing.... this is the least we can do for him... I will now give the opportunity to the other bright minds in this great community who would like to say a thing or two about our beloved chatanga dude.. without whom... misinformation.. would have been nothing but a chocolate covered myth

The following payment plans are available:

Credit Cards: Master/Visa/Amex/Discover - we accept none of them

Checks/Money Orders - we don't trust them either...

Cash - now that's Chardikala! :)

Please send your generous donations to:

Respect-4-Chatangadude-And-Let's-Get-Him-Specs-While-We-are-at-it Foundation

1255 Dark Alley Drive

Khalistor 12PQ2

UK, Europe, Earth, Solar System

Thank you for your attention and remember, every pound begins with a penny! :wink:

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thank you but i dont need your money. I do however want you to read the Guru History to see how many pretenders there were to the Gurgaddi of Guru Nanak Dev Jee, and also to read the chapter pertaining to namdharis on www.sarbloh.info to see how these pretenders are still continuing the tradition today.


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We need to buy sarbloh.info people glasses too.. they label the picture of Balak Guru Gobind Singh (Guru Gobind Singh in Balak/Child Avastha) with Hindu and Muslim preachers as 'Guru Balak Singh Namdhari being initiated by Udasis'. :LOL: LOLLL talk about being blindly desperate!

Come on folks! All contributions count!

Chatanga dude once we get enough money for your specs i would want you to read and explain this to us with all the blinding colors of ur hatred and misinformation: http://www.ik13.com/Rasses/SGPS%20Raas%2010.pdf page 354 to page 359

Yeah I'm a pretender.. i like to 'pretend' to believe in God.. it gives me much joy 'pretending' to read history about my ancestors 'pretending' to get oppressed and discriminated against.. Namdharis like to 'pretend' to do year-round Akhand Paths too.. try it.. it's a lot of fun :) ..ah get a life chatanga dude!... go chant hateful speech infront of some mosque.. if u r so annoyed y don't u take on Christians who outright claim Guru Nanak is a fake prophet and say all the goodsikhs will go to hell? y don't u have the courage to go strike a pose in front of a mosque and tell them to stop blowing up innocent people?.. :LOL: ... what a character!

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ok enuf bickering guys, chatanga- fatehsingh lives in UK too, if you desire you can discuss differences of idealogy with fatehsingh in real life, i don't think this forum can ever resolve deep rooted idealogy disputes, so again- take it in real life.

Topic: Locked !

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