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Sikh Rehat Police (SRP)

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i got an email today about a new group being set up... all the details were attached in a word document, with a logo.

i've copied & pasted the text of the document & the logo... without editing at all!! i sh!t u not!... that's what it actually said...



Dear Citizens of the Khalsa panth

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

This is a letter to tell you all that a new organisation has been set up called the

“Sikh Rehat Policeâ€.

We are a new self formed organisation dedicated to fight against Kaljug.

Sikh Rehat Police is made up of voluntary workers and we are currently looking to recruit new and strong gursikhs with a jeevan and strong rehat so that the rest of the community may look up to them as role models and follow their example.

There are a lot of flaws in today’s amritdhari community, which we aim to tackle by dealing with each situation justly and with full respect confidentiality.

Any one in the force who, abuses the powers of the Sikh Rehat Police will be dealt with severely.

We aim to grow the establishment of 1,000 officers in the first 6 months which will be policed a 20 mile radius from Birmingham and a population of less than 10,000

The Sikh Rehat Police Service is committed to an open and honest relationship with the panth. In that spirit, we will regularly publish detailed statistics and reports about our performance.

In keeping with the desire for openness and accountability the Sikh Rehat Police publishes a range of information about its plans and about how it performs in dealing with Kaljug.

Watch out, Sikh Rehat Police is about.

Email all your questions to: sikhrehatpolice@hotmail.co.uk

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Pringle Singh

Bole So Nihaal


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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after printing out the letter and shining blue light on it.. the letters G,U,V appear!...

I rest my case

lol... i would love to take credit... but this is actually genuine!... i don't know whether to laugh or cry at it... & knowing the person who emailed it out, it's not meant to be a joke.

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lol I'd love to learn more about this... :LOL: ..r they gonna have a hotline number like 911 or something?.. toll free number?... lol this is so childish but I wouldn't be surprised if the head jathedar, babaji, santji, or whatever this pringle character is, is a 20 something 'adult'... shows u what happens when parents leave the taking care of children to books by 'doctors of sikhy', computers and online-goodsikhs.. in fact that would make a great title for my upcoming book: 'doctors of sikhy, computers, and online-goodsikhs - express way to prison' :LOL: jk

well all joking aside, if this was done about 10 years ago it would have been received in a different light.. unfortunately so many similar extremist, border-line-terrorist groups, especially in b-ham, its not even funny anymore..

Guv u should come up with a campaign ad for them :LOL:

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Guv u should come up with a campaign ad for them :LOL:

do u wake up by 3am every morning for your amrit-vela?

would u willingly give ur life & the lives of ur family & friends for the struggle for khalistan?

do u check the food u eat for e144, e738, e432 & e-coli?

do u reject all forms of knowledge, wisdom & intellect?

do u accept eating any meat is a bujjer kurhait, even though it isn't in the akaal takht rehat (which is wrong)?

if u have answered 'no' to any of the above, expect to receive a visit from ur local SRP officer.

ur first infraction will result in a warning... ur second will result in u being dragged in front of 5 tbt goodsikhs from the SRP ranks & having to beg for forgiveness.

if u suspect ur amritdhari friends / neighbours / family members of slacking in their rehat, please call us free on 0800-FAN-ATIC


1. i think my neighbour might be a n@ng. what should i do?

do not approach them. if they try to talk to u, cover ur ears & do simran as fast as u can. but most importantly, call us... & take out fire insurance on ur house (just in case).

2. i am pregnant & i think i might not be able to keep my nitnem rehat or kacchera rehat when i go into labour.

u are pregnant with a tbt goodsikh of the khalsa... how dare u slack in ur rehat!! u will be dealt with very severely by the SRP

3. will u go to the akj amrit sanchar & deal with them as they are telling ppl that keski is the 5th kakkar... which is totally against the akaal takht rehat.

no. the akaal takht rehat is wrong.

4. which rehat do u police ppl using then?

the rehat given by 5 tbt goodsikh members of the SRP.

5. & what rehat is that?

guru gobind singh ji's rehat.

6. then how are we supposed to know if we're following the right rehat or not?

if u get a visit from the SRP, ur wrong... & if u don't get a visit from us... there's a 98% ur still wrong.


the SRP stands for ekta & understanding (as long as u follow the SRP rehat)

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