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Not sure if this was the correct place for this post, apologies if not.

I go to the cinema with my wife on very rare occasions, to watch historical films (as historical as a big budget production can get).

Today was one of those rare days, we went to watch 300, I had been eager to watch it for a long time.

It is a great film, more imaginative rather than fact based, but very inspiring none the less, definately a bir ras classic.

Unfortunately there was also a share of non-family scenes (unexpected) which is a shame, as if they were not there, parents could watch it with their children.

But the whole story and presentation is truely awesome, some points drawing comparison with the Khalsa, especially the Nihang side.

One scene showed the Queen sending the King Leonidis to battle saying "either return with your shield or on your shield" (something like that), implying comeback victorious or dead. This reminded me of when the 40 mukte had deserted Guru Ji.

Another great scene was where a spartan single handely kills an armoured (on top of its natural armour) gigantic rhino with his spear, similar to Bhai Bachchitter Singh Ji killing the drunken Elephant.

Disabled people not allowed in the fauj (similar to the disabled can't be panj pyare?)

Many of the fighting techniques and weapons used were fascinating, especially the use of the spear.

And of course 300 of Greeces finest fighting a million Persions, reminded of my greatest role model Baba Gurbakhs Singh Ji Shaheeds legendery kurbani.

One huge downside for me was the narrator, really annoying, sounded like a BBC childrens jackanory presenter! Be prepared!!

May be when some of our Nihang brothers have seen the film they can draw on more parallels. Maybe the fighting techniques and cultural aspects..

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