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source: post from "jassa" writing.

I have time to write a good sakhi about it now ....

in satyugh when devils gained power and inder and devta army was defeated by devils they went to akal purakh for help ... akal purakh create a part of its shakti to help devs which was known as chandi .... she killed many daints and helped devs get there raj back as in chandi di war .... but after 6 yugs of war against devils chandi started loosing its power ..... as shakti come from bhakti .... she left the battle field ... and went in mountains hiding and doing taap to gain power from akal purakh ... devil army came serching for her in mountains .... while looking for her they to place where there was an ashram of sadhus .... this place was HEMKUNTH SAHIB .... there was a rishi known as SUMAND RISHI .... sumand rishi was tegh bahadar sahib in satyugh .... devils asked them have they seen any women here ... rishes replyed no .... the leader of devil decided to kill all these saints .... and told his army to attack them ... on seeing this sumand rishi said to his followers we are saints we cant fight ... akal purkh will help us .... he use to sit on the skin of a lion ... he just took it in hands and asked akalpurkh to help him .... from that skin came out a worrior ... which had sarbloh all over his body .... he alone faught with this army of devils for 36 yughs .... while this battle is on ... chandi gained enough power from the taap and came in battle field .... to help him and they both killed all they devils .... this man which sumand rishi created was named as DUSHATDAMAN .... guru gobind singh sahib in sat yugh ...

then chandi told dushat daman as he had helped her in sat yugh ..... she will help him in kalyugh .... when he will start a new panth .... and will always help her panth in battle field ... after saying this chandi went back where she came from that is in param jot of akalpurkh ....

in kall yugh ... guru sahib decided to create khalsa and decided to call bhagouti .... he order that any one who can call chandi will be given reward ... so a sadu from kashi came to anadpur sahib .... he said he is blessed and can call chandi with his yugh .... guru sahib told him to go on ... he did yugh for 9 months non stop ... at that time the expense of yugh is 10000 rs a day .... after 9 months he failed to call chandi ... so he told guru sahin that chandi is asking for a balli .... they should give the bali of there son that is baba ajit singh then only chandi will give them darshan ....

guru sahib replyed ajit singh is a khatri ... it would be better if the balli is given of a brahmin .... so guru ji will give that sadus balli tomorrow .... on hearing this ... that sadhu on that very night ran away to kashi ...

after that guru sahib went to place of veshnu devi in anadpur sahib ... did taap there .... on the 40 th day chandi gave guru sahib darshan .... and presented him a khanda with which khalsa was created later .... and told them that akal purkh wants his khalsa to be a kessa dhari and a jaati ....

maffi .......

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Some questions to be asked

If Durga did seva of Guru Nanak Sahib ji, by sweeping outside Guru ji's house.

Why would Durga would be worshipped by Guru Gobind Singh ji. ?

If Durga sought boons from Guru Nanak Sahib ji, then how can Durga have the courage to appear or ability to grant boon on Guru Gobind Singh ji?

Guru ji is only clearing our doubts that the real "ajuni saibhun", the one from whom all derive thier power is Akaal Purakh.

Sabh Gobind Hai, Sabh Gobind Hai,

Gobind Bin nahi koi.

Here is a better version of the above.

Guru Gobind Singh ji had a clear vision about the creation of a new nation. He moved from Sri Paunta Sahib to Sri Anand Pur Sahib. Here the guru called a meeting of all his devoted sikhs and priests and solicited their opinion about his future action to fight the tyranny of the mughal king, Aurangzeb.

The priests suggested to hold a yagya to appease the Hindu goddess of power to attain divine strength. Many kilos of yagya ingredients were collected and the yagya was started. The priests, called masands in those days, had promised that the goddess would appear and would bless the guru. The yagya continued for 40 days but the goddess did not appear.

The guru asked the head masand as to why the goddess has not appeared so far. The head masand suggested that the goddess wanted a sacrifice of one of guru’s dearest one. His indication was towards eldest son of the guru, sahibzada Ajit Singh ji. But the guru said that the dearest person to him was none else but the head masand himself. The guru asked the head masand to prepare himself for the supreme sacrifice and the sacrifice would be offered tomorrow morning. The head masand, however, disappeared the same evening.

In the morning the guru was told that the masand had disappeared. The guru then poured the entire remaining yagya ingredients in the yagya fire. A huge flame of fire emerged and in the dazzling light of the yagya fire, the guru pulled his sword from the sheath, brandished it in the air and declared that from then on the power would flow from his sword. His sword would be the goddess of power for him. The guru had also found a solution of one of his important question. The masands would have no place in his proposed new Panth.

Bhul chuk maaf

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If Durga did seva of Guru Nanak Sahib ji, by sweeping outside Guru ji's house.

Why would Durga would be worshipped by Guru Gobind Singh ji. ?


it was not durga it was javala devi !!!! for whose darshan guru angad dev ji was going !!!!!

chandi is adi shakti !!!! its not in janam and maran birth or death like even devi devtas shiva vishnu mahesh are ....

to fight evil akalpurkh took a jyot out of it that was chandi being power it is seen as female part and regarded as devi but it dont have any gender !!!! its just power of akal purkh !!!!

and durga was created when rakt beej was to killed ... its duty was not to let any drop of blood of raktbeej fall on ground !!!


and singh ji sakhi u gave appeared in granths/books only after 1940s .... and before that years every granth written claimed chandi appered partakh !!!! there she said from now she will remain in khalsa as sword !!!!

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"and singh ji sakhi u gave appeared in granths/books only after 1940s .... and before that years every granth written claimed chandi appered partakh !!!! there she said from now she will remain in khalsa as sword !!!!"

Before the likes of Bhangoo and Koer Singh set about their texts, texts older than this do not reference the Devi appearing "Partak". Madanjit Kaur has amply explained how the story of Devi Puja spread and grew over the years with each author adding their additional twist to the tale over the centuries.

With regard to the sites which make repeated references to "Ancient Texts" to counter the writings of the modern era (which granted have their internal biases), surely one would expect that these would at least be the earliest available texts to make such claims to authentic tradition.

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that sakhi i learned from suraj parkash of bhai santokh singh !!!! and their sources about sakhis of dasme pita are mainly soo sakhi and gurbilas patshahi dasvi and oral tradition !!!! and i think both these granths specially that so sakhi can be traced even in times of guru sahib and it contains that devi appeared !!!! i think so but not sure !!!!

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Jassa Singh, Suraj Prakash was written considerably after the other "ancient texts" referred to above.

As per oral traditions, these are fine, however it is interesting to note that one hand certain groups rely for crucial matters of their tradition on such accounts, yet when the AKJ present their practices on the basis of "oral traditions" and "seena-baseena" rehits, the same groups have problems with them.

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Good point Niranjana, i find that sum groups rely on oral tradition to bolster their claims, yet ridicule other groups claims if its not in writing from a reliable source.

Another thing is that Guru Ji describe Akal as the sword/bhagauti, and the poewr of Akal as sword/bhaguati, so would a partak appearacne of Devi in the assumed(hindu) form be neceesary?

The Devi did appear but not the tiger riding 8 armed Goddess, but the Sword. The power of Akal.

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regarding oral traditions and senna bassena traditions according to me they go through a linage !!!! like baba ram singh saw what his father baba mehtab singh and sukha singh did how baba charat singh use to do his daily works !!!! what ever they heard from his grandfather the jathedars of panth ... they told this to his son rattan singh and it was noted in the text !!!! oki this is oral tradition !!!! because even names like mehtab singh sukha singh charat singh hari singh bhangi are enough !!!!

on the other some baba claim that his rehat is oral tradition but cant provide any linage !!!!

and regarding texts there are always texts of every kind available from the starting !!!! if we speak of particularly kavi santokh he must have read every kind of text available !!!! so they made their mind and gave the account !!!!

what every things are common in all granths privious to them ... thats sharda !!!! but what ever changes are their that shankas !!!!

we have itehas ke guru sahib ne mecca ferreya !!! it was oral tradition then it came bale walli janam sakhi then in other granths laters !!!! its all sharda both in oral and text !!! but when in some granth it is said that no guru nanak dev ji ne mecca nahi feereya !!!! othe shanka pay geya !!! te isdi chaap auun walle granthan ch dikhugi !!!! isda matlab ah taan oh sarra granth hi galat !!!! jai koi pichle granthan ch match karruga he can find out during this period people started thinking certain thing before this it was accepted !!!!

and regarding that devi issue if in 2050 some one does search from the texts since guru jis time he can clearly see that before 1900 it was accepted but after this sword issue come and things started changing !!!! and slowly such things will move on !!!!

baki my english is not that good so menu apdi post jo samjh ayyi main reply kitti

bhull chukk di maffi !!!!

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"and regarding that devi issue if in 2050 some one does search from the texts since guru jis time he can clearly see that before 1900 it was accepted but after this sword issue come and things started changing !!!! and slowly such things will move on !!!!"

Jassa, one doesn't need to wait until 2050. The research has already been done, I have provided you with one such reference already which chronologically shows that the Devi Myth is something came into being much after Guru Sahib's passing away.

Yes, pre-1900 it was an accepted part of certain segments within the Khalsa. The rehitnama literature is testimony to this, however by the same token pre-c. 1711 it was not, which is my point, the Devi Myth in its currently revived all singing all dancing format is something that came into being during the late 18th/19th century.

p.s. Jassa please refrain from your excessive use of "!!!" it seems as if you are shouting.

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Niranjan, you've brought to light very good points.

Most Sikhs tend to go to the defence about such issues. They just want to win an argument. But deep down, they too have their doubts. So what's the big deal? Guru Gobind Singh Ji's actions are not for one person to decide. It is rather the acceptance level/tolerance level of the sikh community in dealing with such issues at any one period of time.

If a non-sikh were to look into such an issue, chances are that he/she would dismiss it as an individual outlook instead of a blanket truth. People from most other religions already have their taste of such arguments which lead nowhere - and they are pretty used to it. They also know that every religion goes through on-going hair splitting.

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