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Shoot-To-Kill Orders To Stop Illegals!


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Italy Gives Shoot-To-Kill

Orders To Stop Illegals



Italian navy and coast guard vessels are to be ordered to open fire with live rounds on boats carrying illegal immigrants.

The radical approach to Italy's asylum problem was outlined by a senior minister in Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's coalition government.

Reforms Minister Umberto Bossi said he was sick of illegal immigrants and wanted to hear "the blast of cannons".

"After the second or third warning, bang... we fire the cannon," Mr Bossi told Corriere della Sera newspaper.

"Without too much talking. A cannon to knock out whoever may be there.

"Otherwise, we're never going to put an end to this problem."

Asked whether it would be right to fire on immigrants who are generally unarmed women and children, Mr Bossi was firm.

"Whether they're good or bad, one way or the other illegal immigrants have got to be chased away," he said.

"The navy and coastguard should defend our shores and use their cannons to do it.

"That's the best way to enforce the law. No deferring or turning back."

Until now, the Italian navy has only been permitted to board boats at sea and escort them back to port, in line with international practice.

Mr Bossi's comments come in the wake of a recent surge in illegal immigration from north and central Africa.

More than 1,000 people have landed in southern Italy in the last three days and nearly 3,000 so far in June.

Mr Bossi, who heads the right-wing Northern League party, threatened that if the government didn't start taking a harder line, he would pull his support for the coalition.

"Whether the government's allies agree or not, I want to hear the sound of the cannons by the end of the week or I'm off," he said.


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The reason they doing it because they dont want any immirgrants in italy. They are very un-freindly people have their own thing running.

Obviously christian holy city vatican resides there. I heard few weeks back pope the john paurl II was threatned by islamic jihadis.

I ll post the link when i can find it.

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