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7th Dan Steven Seagal Teaching Aikido


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The Aikido thereis close to some elements of Sheshnaag Penthra however there are _some_ bits which are more closer to Chandi, for example the use of Gatthi which he does well. Due to the cynic I am I would say that the skill behind manipulating Gathi is shown when the opponent is more dynamic and unpredictable. changes in tempo, direction, ard ord eeth ooth, rather then charge right in like headless chickens.

I would have like to have seen two expert aikido fighters go against each other and see how they spar off each other, rather then someone who runs in open armed, just waitin to get smacked in the jaw.

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Veer Ji,

2 true Aikido fighters would not really be able to go in against each other, because unlike Shastar Vidya, which uses both aggressive and defensive techniques, Aikido specialises in using the opponents agression only (in it's strictest sense), this doesn't mean in a real life situation a practitioner would not get a few blows in, once attacker has been disabled, but in terms of pure methodology, it uses the agressors power, josh and stupidity as it's primary weapon.

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I like the daler pentra...with one hand up and one leg cocked....tilted back , one finger up so no one can close a grip on the wrist, and the leg shaking like a crane kick...then you can say

Na Na Na na na re, na re, na re....

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