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Brothers and sisters, I really want to get hold of as many bits of kirtan, katha done with English translations. I dont get a chance to go to any of the BOSS programs anymore and would really appreciate it if people could send me stuff or let me know who I can contact to get it. I've contacted BOSS about some of the student programs that they run and they plan to put some of the porgrams they have up on tehir website twoards the end of the year. Some one must have recorded the little speaches made, the kirtan sessions etc. Theres always someone recording be it via tape, mini disc, or film. I really want to get hold of such resources and would really appreciate it if people who have anything that has been delivered in English or anything delivered in Punjabi but accompanied with english translation. If you have anything like this - or if your that mystery person who set up the video recorder at the end of the hall please contact me. I dont mind paying for cost for the copying and the cost of the postage.

Thank you

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