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Jags Klimax - The Album


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Jagz Klimax

been hyped up for like 6 months

see what its all about...

Heer: I don't know what people find so good about this tune...it just missing that punch to it, the song in general just seems very flat, no real thump in the production of the track.

I really hate sarbjits voice is this..its like she got summin up her bum...it really is a pain just listening to the song

Aaaj Tenu Nachna - A better song all together...yes its like Sachia Suniya Part 2, don't how much Kam Frantic helped him *coughs*...the vocalist could have been better. I love when frantic's mandolin comes on in 1.51..vah vah...u gotta rate him. but i feel its like something ive heard all over again. So it seems like ive actually listened to it before

Billian Akhaan - I like the tumbi in this tune very nice, again just like the 2nd tune..Putt Jattan Da Jawan sampling, by this time...the material should have renamed as The UnOriginal Edit :-/ .lol., and Lembher sounds abit tired in the track...too many bottles

Saaran - Music was alright...but seriously that vocalist got on my pecks, very average track

Ajj Nachna Veh - Class it as Jungle Bhangra? lol....nah..i do like "dark" tunes with heavy bass...i think its a nice tune..very nicely done, that vaja piece keeps me humming and Biti her vocals are not too bad...shes nowhere near as irratating as Sarbjit, overall a very listenable track..

Chakley Soniye Yaara - Yes Yes the main man Kaka...deos his magic in this tune, probably the most danceable tune on the album , ohh and Rupz loves the violin bit...think's he dancing in a ballroom like a seen in Beauty and the beast..LOL..anyway...i thought it was the best tune on the album...probably where most of Jag'z magical thoughts went.

We Run Da Streets - Oh my life...i couldnt stand it...lol...* skips it*

Punjabi Mundeh Paun Bhangra - Production wise..the dhol the bass line..the algozey...just sounds sick...and its good to see Surinder Shinda goldie oldie singing tunneee...i couldnt belieave it finished in 2 minutes! lol!...inna? bas? could have at least added another minute! or so...this is actually shorter than your mainsteam single out in hmv!

could have cut the we run da streets track out if you really run out of space...or even better is the 50 million adverts that Vip's are making a increase on...its really annoying...a man spends a tenner he gets a bhangra track worth 2 minutes

what made the track worse..he puts a little scratch in it..about 1.15...and it was slight of timing when it started again...how awful..lol

Overall...im think jag's needs to use his creative side abit more rather than using these frantic samples...its just sound so unoriginal, but a potential 4 out of 8 tracks which i thought were good despite one of the songs being cut so short.

I still wanted more for my tenner though...too make so much hype about that heer track and making a video...ain't going to make it a track to remember...

I done 3 reviews so far...i have to say although i seem abit unfair

ill end on a good note, lol

its better than the dcs and dj vix album...i'd tend to spin disc more...nice one jagz

I hope for his next album...he uses better quality samples and get away from the frantism sound, bring some originality...and make your own unique sound



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