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Some references for those researching South Asian history

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Indian Proscribed Tracts, 1907-1947

MF-2638 Neg. MF-at lab

Barrier, N. Gerald (Norman Gerald), comp.

Indian proscribed tracts, 1907-1947. [microform]

Chicago, Ill., University of Chicago, Photoduplication Dept., [19--?]

16 microfilm reels. : illus., negative. 35 mm

In English and vernacular languages.

OCLC 4224808

Proscribed Literature - Index

Reel 1

Shromani Gurdvara Parbandak Com. Government Allegations Against the Sikhs. 80pp. Also, pub, Sind Sikh Publicity Committee, Hyderabad, Sind, Bharatvasi Press.

Ramamurti (ed, Andhravani, Vizagaptam), N. Struggling India. 1929, Vegu-jukka Printing Works, Berhampur (Ganjamdt). v, 343pp. Table of contents: origin and growth of great causes, deplorable conditions of India, birth and growth of Congress, Congress features and propaganda, methods of propaganda, adverse effects of constitutional propaganda, how moderatism has undermined the lingering traces of Eastern civilization, the disillusionment of the champions of co-operation, the swadeshi movement, the home-rule agitation, the nonviolent noncooperation.

Taraknath Das. India in World Politics. Saraswaty Library, Calcutta 1931, Pub SN Shaw, printed , Sri Saraswaty Press, 4th ed (2nd Indian ed). Addressed to public of Great Britain, to India, to world opinion. Appeal for freeing India. 298pp.

Truth About Nabha. Amritsar, 1923. Shromani Grudwara Parbandhak Committee. 110pp.

All for Law and Order. Pub by SGPC, Amritsar, Nov. 1922. Onkar Press, Amritsar. 16pp. On Akalis and govt.

The Jaito Affair. SGPC. Amritsar, 1924. 24pp.

Dattatraya Puranik, Sacrificer, Gadag. Forecast Book. 1941. 35pp.

Sati Sadhan Gayan. India Under British Rule. 40pp. Pub, Deshbandhu Palli Sanskar Samiti, Calcutta, Arjun Pres Benares.

Under the Shadows of Food Crisis: Police Terror Against Malabar Kisans. Memorandum to Congress Working Committee from Malabar District Committee, Communist Party to India. People's Pub. House, Bombay, 1947. intro. by PC Joshi. 46pp.

Lajpat Rai. The Political Future of India. New York, BW Huebsch, 1919, New York City. xxviii, on current pol. dev. Table of contents, surveys India, c. 1915-1919. 237pp.

The Constitution of the Federated Republics of India, 1926. Marxist. Manifesto of the Mahabharat Svarajy Party, pub by Congress Committee, Kabul. 56pp.

India Ravaged (1942). expose of various raids by British "muffled voices," "The British Reign of Terror." 163pp.

The Black Regime at Dharasana. Pub. Sec. Gujarat Prov. Congress Committee, Ahmedabad. Navajivan Mudranalaya-printer, 1930.107pp.

Gupta, Chitra. Life of Barrister Savarkar.tc, documents appended. viii, 144. other information not available.

Reel 2

Agrawal, Prem Narain. Bhawani Dayal Sannyasi: A Public Worker of South Africa. Pub. Indian Colonial Association, Ajitmal, Etawah, Fine Art Printing Press, Ajmer. picture, tc, appended comments. c. 1939. vi, 180, xlii. Appendices include reports on Hindu conferences in UP and Natal.

Choose, Oh Indian Princes. 13pp.

Jnani, Pandit K. Hinduism Vs. Islam or Islamic Teachings Scrutinised Through Hindu Eyes. Arya Samaj, Madras, 1936. BNK Press. 16pp.

The Fifty Facts About India: Political and Economic Hell in India, Being an Exposure of the imperialist Propaganda about India in America. (Hamara Hindostan series, no.5.) General editor, JP Gupta. 1943. Bombay Vaibhav Press. vii, 57pp. Lists facts, gives version on each.

Utley, Freda. Is This Communism? Pub. SB Chavan, Advocate of India Press, Bombay. Extracts from autobiography. Questions whether U.S.S.R. really free, merely totalitarian. Publisher also questions whether should be involved in the recent imperialist war. 24pp.

Government of Free Nagaland, Kautaga. "Yengpang Massacre." 1954 (banned, Govt of India). 5pp.

The Communist Reply. Workers' Literature Pub. Co., Bombay. 60pp.

Report of the Guru-Ka Bagh Congress Inquiry Committee, with Evidence and 44 Photographs. Pub. Ruchi Ram Sahni, Sec. to Congress Inquiry Comm., Lahore, Hindi Press. tc, 68, xxi; pt. 2, (evidence) 352pp.

The Burmese Situation, 1930-31.15, xx.

Basanta Kumar Chatterjee (ed). Gandhi Gospel. Pub. Jawaharlal Baksi, Yugantar Bani Bhawan, Rati Press, Calcutta. 32pp. Gandhi sayings.

Indian Nationalist Committee (Europe). Roger Casement and India. Stockholm, 1917. On Ireland and Irish situations, review Casement's criticisms of British Empire. 24pp.

Bryan William Jennings. WJB on British in India. 7th ed. 14pp. "Legalized pillage"

India and China. 1927. by MN Roy. 38pp.

Police Raj Under Emergency ordinance, by AS Kuppuswami. Frontpage picture of British attacking Congressmen. 1932 civil disobedience ii. on Tamilnadu.. 54pp. evidence appended. Satyagraha Press, Madura.

Sundaram, VA. Gandhi Ki Jai. Hindi Prachar Press, Madras. 4pp.

Venu, C.S. Sirdar Bhagat Singh. life. Pub. by author, Vespery, Madras. 80pp.

Lal Chand Tirithdas Arya (author, pub). Report on Manzilgah and Sukkur (Sind) Riots, 15th Feb. 1940. Author is member, Sind Provincial Hindu Sabha. Hindu Mission Press, New Delhi. 16pp, end piece, picture of VD Savarkar calling for day of mourning.

Hindustan Gadar Office. A Few Facts About British Rule in India. San Francisco, 1915. 12pp.

Ram Chandra. India Against Britain. Hindustan Chadar, San Francisco, nd. Dedicated to martyrs-pictures, Kartar Singh, Sohan Lal, et al. 1916. primarily reprints of his articles in U. S. newspapers. 62pp.

Lajpat Rai. An Open Letter to the Right Honorable Edwin Samuel Montague. Huebsch, New York, 1917. 33pp.

Saiyid Tafazzul Daud Sayeed Khan. The Real Sevaji. Allahabad, 1935. iv, 224pp.

Indian National Party. India's 'Loyalty' to England. 1915. 13pp.

Venu, Frontier Gandhi: Abdul Ghaffur Khan. Kesari Printing Works, Madras. 24pp.

Venu, CS. Jatin Das The Martyr. Pub, CS Cunniah, (Madras Martyrs of Liberty Series, no. 4.) Sundaram Press, Madras. 55pp.

Lajpat Rai. Reflections on the Political Situation in India. 75pp.

A Note on Government Excesses in Bihar. Bihar Prov. Congress Committee, c. 1932. 13pp.

The International Socialist Congresses: Speeches and Resolutions on India (Private Circulation Only). c. 1911. 13pp.

Reel 3

The Communist Reply. duplicate.

The Indian Communist Party, broadsheet, with objects, principles, methods, 2pp. Brahman Press, Cawnpur, Satya Bhakta.

La Question Persane Et La Rivalite Anglo-Allemande En Asie. 1918 conference. Geneva, 1918 30pp.

India Against Britain, Ram Chandra, A Duplicate.

British Rule in India, Condemned by the British Themselves. Indian National Party, London, 1915. 68pp.

Mookerjee, Syama Prasad. A Phase of the Indian Struggle. 1942, Pub. by Monojendra N. Bhowimk, Calcutta, Modern India Press. tc, documents appended, 90. Letters, correspondence on Indian politics, 1941-2.

The Methods of the Indian Police in the 20th Century by Frederic Mackarness, MP Hindustan Ghadar, San Francisco, 1915. Primarily letters to Nation, 1909, reprinted-from police-com. reports, judicial utterance, etc. 30pp.

Subrahmanyam, M. Why Cripps Failed. New Delhi, 1943. tc, iii, 106pp. documents appended.

Behind the Veil in Persia: English Documents. tc, Amsterdami 1917, CL Van Langenhuysen, 164pp. documents appended, map.

Bande Mataram. Red Bengal, lp.

Why India is In Revolt Against British Rule. 8th ed, 1916, London, Indian National Party. 32pp.

The Truth About Tarapore. Bihar Prov. Congress Com. Calcutta, 1932. Police firing at time of satyagraha meetings. 47pp.

Report of the Inquiry Committee Appointed by the Provincial Hindu Sabha, Lahore, To Enquire in the Bahawalpur Affairs. 1936 arrests of Hindu leaders. Pub D. Parkash Chand, Ranvir Printing Press, Lahore. 24, 66, 11. Evidence, charts, lists unnisyments.

Syed Mahmud. The Khilafat and England. Pub., Mohemd Imtyaz, Patna, 1921. 88pp.

Report of the Kudchi Inquiry Committee (chairman Depchand Shaw). Bombay, 1930. Attempts to show govt. favoring Muslims, causing riots. Pictures on Jain-Muslim. 32pp.

Law and Order in Midnapur, 1930. The Reports of the Nonofficial Enquiry Committee. c. 1931. JN Basu chairman, on govt. raids, Bengal. Pictures. 27pp.

Why Bloodshed in Sind, over Manzilgah Mosque, Sukkur. Sayyid Ali Muhammad H. Rashdi (Sind, MLA).18pp. Muslim side.

Nizam Defence, Examined and Exposed. A Rejoinder to the Pamphlet, "The Arya Samaj in Hyderabad." tc, 10 Arya Samaj response to official Hyderabad pub. 104pp.

Coloured Victims of the Great War. L.R. Sharma, ed. Delhi, 1931. 54pp.

Eight Days Interlude. Nehru statements, accounts. 22pp. 1930;.

Album: Dead and Alleged Accused of the Chittagong Armoury Raid Case. pictures, poetry. app. 20pp.

Kashmir, January 1939. All India States People's Conference, Bombay. Lahore, 1939. 54pp.

Annual Report of All India Kisan Sabha, 1939-40. Madras, c. 1940. 48pp. includes resolutions

Young India. pub. by the India Home Rule League, America. New York, Jan 1918, vol. 1, no. 1 tc, maps, 22pp.

The Frontier Tragedy. Pub by Khilafat Committee, Peshawar. "An Account of the Inhuman Acts of Repression and Terrorism, Blockades, Loot, Incendiarism and Massacres-through which the People of the NFP have had to go during the present disturbance." tc, iii, 55pp.

The Balance Sheet of British Rule in India. Trans. from Ghadar. 1p.

Ca Ira by Edward Holton James. 3 p.

Hindustan Socialist Republican Association Manifesto: The Philosophy of the Bomb. 4pp.

The Comrade, May 24, 1913. ed by Mohamed Ali. 32pp.

In The Wake of the Indian ordinances, 1932. collection of papers. 136, 15pp.

Reel 4

A History of the Hindu-Muslim Problem in India from the Earliest Contacts Up to its Present Phase With Suggestions for Its Solution. Allahabad, 1933. Congress report on the 1931 Cawnpur Riots. tc, v, 536.

Ist Indien Loyal? German. Indian National Party. 15pp.

Akali Darshan. Pratap Pustak Mala, 22nd item. Hindi. Akali history. Pub. Shivnarayan Misra, "Pratap"-Kanpur. Pratap Press. 100pp. pictures.

Akaliyon Ka Adarsh Satyagraha. Babu Sampurnanand. Pub. Titmal Luniya Benares. 1922. Sri Lakshmi Naryanan Press, Benares. 84pp. Hindi. history.

Itihas Gurdvara Shahid Gunj, Lahore. Giani Khazan Singh. Pub. 101 Saptahak Path Prabandhak Committee, Shahidfinj. 96pp. Panjabi. History of agitation.

Dukhan De Kirne. Mister Phiroz Din "Sharaph"-also pub. Punjab Khalsa Press, Amritsar. 80pp. Panjabi.

Sardar Ratan Singh Azad Di Garj, Arthat Karakedarali Bian. by Baghi Sikh Ki Sarkar. Pub. Sajan Singh, Patiala, Punjab Khalsa Press, Amritsar. Few intro. pages missing. c. 1924. 41pp. Panjabi.

Tir Tarang. Songs of Tyranny. Arthat Dard Bhari Kahani. Author and pub. Bhai Vidhata Singh, Tir. Coronation Printing Works, Amritsar. 80pp. Panjabi.

Udaru Gunj. lst part. Udaru's Echo. author and pub, Kavi Gurdial Singh. Punjab Khalsa Press. 63pp, poetry. Panjabi.

Bijli Di Karak. Peels of Thunder. Sardar Darshan Singh, Daljit Pub., Khalsa Azad Agency, Amritsar. Onkar Press, Amritsar, nd. 64pp. Panjabi

Baghi Sikh Ki Sarkar? Bhai Ratan Singh "Azad." also pub. Patiala. Punjab Khalsa Press, Amritsar. poetry, 64pp. Panjabi

Azadi Ke Shahid. Hindi. "Srimurti." also Shacindranath Sanyal. Lifes of nationalists. Hindi Sahitya Press, Cawnpur. 1939. 121pp.

Reel 5

Jaito Vic Khun De Parnale. Author and pub. Bhai Bagh Singh "Nadhrak" Coronation Printing Works, Amritsar. Panjabi. 111pp.

Kaumi Kahanian Arthat Dardan De Hanjhu (tears), ed. Pritam Singh "Pritam"-Pub., editor. Nirankgi Press, Amritsar. 88pp. prose, Panjabi.

Shahidi Yatra. Khalsa Dramatic Agency no. 1. Ratan Singh "Azad" Pub., Khalsa Dramatic Agency, Punjab Khalsa Press, Amritsar play, Panjabi. 22pp.

Sarhe Sirtaj Shahidan Da Khuni Coffin. also pub., Ranjit Singh Tajvar Gurdvara Press, Amritsar. 128pp. Panjabi.

Shahidi Jivan, lst pt. "Panchi"-pub., Punjab Hindi Pustak Bhanda Amritsar, 1930. Azad Khalsa Pardesi Press. 1914-15 movement. Panjabi. 216pp.

Jivan Britant Master Mota Singh. Giani Gurmukh Singh. Pub., Desh Sevak Book Agency, Jullundur. 1923. Khalsa National Press. 144pp. Panjabi.

Dukhi Dunian. Comrade Kartar Singh "Kartar." 40pp. poetry. also pub., Azad press, Meerut. Panjabi.

Prem Marg De Pandhau Arthat Nankane De Sidd Ki Jodhian Di Shahida De Dil Cirven Samacar. Sardar Avtar Singh, Azad, Pub.: Khalsa Dramatic Agency, Amritsar, 1924. Punjab Khalsa Press, Amritsar. Panjabi. 32pp.

Zulam De Ban Arthat Gavarnment Insaph Dian Nau Jhakian. Harnam Singh Mast Panchi. Sud Printing Press, Amritsar. poetry on martyrs. 32pp.

Jat Jat Kinikamal Halat Yani Jat Darpan. 1932. 128pp. Urdu.

Yad-i-Rafigan. Urdu. 24pp.

Barbadi Hind. Urdu. 64pp.

Puranik Dharm Ka Janaza. Urdu. 113pp.

Reel 6

Kirti, various editions, 1929-30. 60pp, 56pp.. Urdu. December 1929, January 1930.

Baiat-i-i Rizvan Ke Hakikat. 36pp. Ahmadiya tract, 36pp. 1939. Urdu.

Lal Jhanda Aur Inkilab Hindustan. 8pp. Urdu.

Saulat-i-Muhammadiya. Urdu, c. 1935.

Ghadar Party Ki Salgirah. Urdu, c. 1922. reprint of lst ed.

Zinda Shahid Babe. Pub., Sec., Sikh Desh Bhagat Prabhav Committee, Amritsar. c. 1933. Panjabi Surharak Press. 35pp.

Naukarshahi Di Chati Vic Shantmai Gola. Bhai Bhag Singh Azad, author and pub., Coronation Printing Works, Am tisir. 24pp.

Navan Kissa Sarhadi Sher. M.S. Panchi (Sialkot). Lala Ram Prasad, Pub. Virjanand Press, Lahore. Hindi. 8pp.

Pahli Nambar: Ghadar Parti Da Janam Din. Hindustan Ghadar. 32pp. c. 1922.

Mistar Hari Mishan Ji Di Phansi. Pub., Balbir Singh, Coronation Press, Amritsar. 8pp. Panjabi.

Pradhangi Adress. Panjabi. Akash Bani Press, Amritsar. 26, 16. c. 1936. Panjabi.

Azadi Di Khic. Bhag Singh Nadhirak, pub. also member Shahidi Jatha 2. Coronation Printing Works, Amritsar. 8pp. Panjabi.

Mangu Di Maut: Sadhu Singh Te Mangal Sing. Natha Singh. Panjabi. also pub. Ludhiana, 1936. 8pp.

Shahidi Sakka Jaito. Bhai Bagh Singh Akali. also pub. Sud Printing Press, Amritsar. 8pp. Panjabi.

Shahidi Jivan. duplicate.

Lahore Ke Shahid. Brijlal Jain. Pub., Balidan Book Depot, Delhi, 1931. Hindi. biographies.165pp.

Kaumi Kahani Arthat Dardan De Hanjhu. Pritam Singh "Pritam" duplicate.

Shantmai Jodhian Te Jaito De Atyacar. Panjabi. Bhai Vasan Singh, Kavishar, pub., author. Punjab Khalsa Press, Amritsar. 24pp, poetry.

Mistar Hari Kishanji Di Phansi. duplicate. 8pp.

Yugantar. Hindustan Ghadar, Panjabi. June 1917. 3pp.

Shantmai Yudh De Nihathe Sipahian Lai Kaumi "Akali Git", probably Gurnam Singh "Bhan", Arthat Akali Bhabak. Pub., Bhai Nihal Singh, Patiala. Punjab Khalsa Press, Amritsar. 80, 12pp. Panjabi. poetry, prose.

Shama Azadi Ki Tin Parvane. Lahore, c. 1931. Urdu. 32pp. Short biographies of Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru, Suke Dev.

Mistar Hari Singh Phansi. Urdu.16pp.

Zinda Shahid Babe. Urdu. covers 1914-15.16pp. Urdu.

Rowlatt Act Ka Asli Mansha. 1919. Urdu.15pp.

Alfred Nundy. Tark-i-Mavalat.1920. Urdu. 85pp.

Reel 7

Civic suppression in Hyderabad. Hyderabad Peoples Condition, no. 4. Pub., Raghavendra Rao Sharma (Poona), Comet Press, Bombay, 15pp. Strong criticism of Hyderabad policy, survey of satyagraha efforts. others in series include Under the Rule of His Exalted Highness. Publicity Campaign Against the People, In the Hyderabad State. Moslem Attitude in Hyderabad, Problem of Political Prisoners in Hyderabad.

India Under British Rule. Sati Sadhan Gayan. (also pub.), Arjun Press, Benares. 1930, 30pp. Collection of materials on econ. and pol. development-in a "nation propaganda series" of the Deshbandhu Palli Sanskar Samiti. also pub. India's Place in the World, Congress and Its Leaders, India in the 20th Century. duplicate.

India's 'Loyalty' to England. Indian Party. 1915, 2nd ed, Finland Company, London.15pp. duplicate.

Deshapriya Jatindra Mohan Sen-Gupta. Modern Book Agency, Calcutta, 1933. vi, 158. Life of a controversial Indian pol.

Let India Fight for Freedom. Khwaja Ahmad Abbas. Sound Magazine, Bombay, 2nd printing, 1943. 80pp. In addition to calling for opposition to fascism, the tract presents a thesis that the only way India can wholeheartenedly support the British against Germany would be for the government of India to present const. and economic reforms. Particular criticism leveled at handling of the Quit India movement.

I.N.A. Calendar, 1946. Victory Stationery Mart, Lahore. Blue and Red. pictures of Bose, Nehru, Azad, Defence Committee, Indian National Army Group, Lt. Gen.S. Dhillon, Cpt. Shah Nawaz, Cpt. PN Sehgal.

True Love: In the Heart of Mr. BK Dutta. Arorbans Press, Lahore. Picture of Dutta opening his chest, within are DS, etc, and inside their chests pictures of other nationalists,

The End. Pdt. Ram Saran "Hind" Ferozepur, Mehta Halftone-Press, Lahore-greenboundary, large- BS on-a cross, with a mother holding his feet, on cross also are heads of his companions with nails in their heads. BS has a nail through his heart.

Sacrificial Scene of Swami Shradhanand for Sudhi. Urdu writing, couplet. Master Brothers and Co., Amritsar. colored-Shradhanand bleeding in his bed, with his Muslim assasin struggling with captors. Flower petels drop on his body from a picture above (heaven), which has Mother India, Dayanand, and a Hindu-group. Also an spearing the assasin.

The Right Path of Liberty. ND Sahgal and Sons, Lahore. Ravi Fine Art Printing Press. large poster. Mother India talking to Krishna-"Do Ye Rember O' Krishna, Thy Promise Madeth in Gita." reply "Yes Mother, I Remember, the Gulf is Being Paved. A little more sacrifice and the road completeth." below theme, Sikhs, woman, nationalist leaders emerge from bloody water, walk to jails. Nehru, Gandi prominent in the jail.

Bhagat's Curious Present: Mother for Thy Freedom's Sake I offer My Life. Ganganarian Beharilal, Cawnpur. another head being presented, blue frame for picture. Coronation Press

Sardar Bhagat Singh's Wonderful Presentation. Shyam Sundar Lal, Lakshmibilas Press, Cawnpur. Presenting his head on a platter, with blood spurting from his body, to the Goddess Mother India.

Three Indian Heroes in Prison. Pictures of Raj Guru, Bhagat Singh, Sukh Dev. Shyam Sunder Lal, Lakshmibilas Press.

Set-of-posters. Bharat Ka Singh Pinjare Men. Picture of Bat Keshvar Datt in chains in prison. Shyam Sunder Lal, Lakshmibilas Press, Cawnpur.

Our Liberator Subas Babu Zindabad. Red, Blue, Green-Subas Chandra Bos outlined in sketch of India, with masses calling to him.

Mr. Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru and Sukh Deva Hearing the Sentence of Hanging with Pleasure. Blue. Officers presenting death warrant, all three prisoners laughing and welcoming death.

Azad Mandir. pictures of Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru, Sukh Dev, BK Dutt, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Ram Prased, Rajendra, Roshan Singh, Ashfaq. Shyam Sundar Lal, Cawnpur, Lakshimbilas Press

Bande Mataram. Geneva, 1913. March and Feb. English. 4pp. each.

Ghadar newspaper :

Gujarati number;

Urdu. c. Nov. 1916-Oct. 17. 24 numbers

Panjabi. May 1916

Naujivan Magazine, 1934. Panjabi. app. 30pp.

Yugantar, magazine, partial selection. n.d. Panjabi, pp. 5-16.

Ghadar Di Gunj. Number 1. San Francisco, 1914. Panjabi. 32 pp.

Ghadar Di Gunj. Number 2. San Francisco, 1916. Panjabi. 32pp.

Ankdon Ki Gavahi. San Francisco, c. 1915. Hindi. 46 pp. #3 in Ghadar Series.

Ghadar Party broadsheet: Call for Resolution. 2 versions.

Angan Di Gavahi. abridged ed. of "Evidence of Figures." San Francisco, 1915. Panjabi. 12pp.(complete, item 7:13)

Naujivan magazine, 1934. Panjabi. app. 30pp.

Arabic propaganda booklet. lst World War. 11pp

Rusi Bakion Ki Dastanen. San Francisco, 1915. Panjabi (Nas). 63pp. Stories of Russian Rebels

Hindustanion Ke Nam Khuli Chitthi/Open Letter in Name of Indians. San Francisco, n.d. Urdu.16pp.

Yugantar. Oct. 1917, Sept.1917. Urdu, 16,16pp. Ghadar newspaper

Bandar Vand. np., nd. c. 1932. Charges B. with divide and rule. Panjabi

Virbhogya Vasundhara. Rashtra Sevak. 1 p. Hindi. cow protection appeal. Hindi.

Balae Huma. Asar Zuberi. Aminabad, 1940. 31pp. Urdu. On Muslim history.

Islami Bahshat Ki Hakikat. Lakshman, Arya Updeshak. Delhi, nd. 40pp. Urdu. Arya Samaj, anti-Muslim propaganda.

Mister Hari Kishnanji Ki Phansi. Indra Singh. Amritsar, 1931. Urdu. 8pp. Duplicates, omitted.

Anmela Lai. Kavi Panchi. Lahore, 1931. 8pp. Urdu. Anti-British poetry, on heroes.

Nazara-i-islam. tract 4. Delhi, c. 1930. 8pp. Urdu. by Ram Bhajan Lal Gupta. Anti- Muslim poetry.

Azadi De Git. Dev Rai Dev. poetry. Lahore, 1931.16pp. Urdu.

Lal Jhanda Aur Inkilab Hindustan. Ram Singh Chawla. Sialkot, 1930. Urdu. 8pp. Communist tract, Nau Javan Bharat Society.

Khutba-i-Sadarat. Urdu. Punjab Prov. Hindu Conference, 1926. Ambala, 1926. 8pp. presidential speech. by Lal Kedar Nath.

Kadian Ke Sir Par Yasrabi Gola. Lahore, c. 1935. 8pp. Strong attack on Ahmadiyas as a heretical sect.

Nikamma Nabi Bama Tartali Dave. Khadim Abdul Amin Muhammad Ibrahim (also pub.). also pub, Anjuman Ahl Hadith, Lyallpur, 1937, 8pp. attack on pro-British policies of Ahmadiya. Urdu.

Char Aham Masail Par Tabsara. Fazal Husain, Lahore, c. 1937. Urdu.16pp. commentary on four issues-cow slaughter, Ahmadiyas, Congress, and contemporary journalism.

Tarikh i Shia. Mohammad Anvar Ali Khan. Majak Jadid Press, Mirzapur, 1940. 8pp. Urdu. anti-Shia tract.

Zarurati Hadish. Jamiat-ul-Muslmin. lkbal Barki Press, 1934. 8pp. Urdu. Calls for Hindi Muslim unity, self-improvement.

Shahadat Namah Khalsa Manzum. Naubat Rai Bali. New Delhi, 1935. 32pp. Urdu. Controversial study on Sikhism.

British Government Aur Azadi Ki Lahar. Lahore, c. 1930.16pp. Urdu. CRL Criticism of B. econ. and communal policy. Call for HM unity. poetry.

Siasat-i-Momin. Abdul Samad Siraj-ul-Din. Hyderabad, c. 1930. discussion of Hyderabad government, anti-X-ian, Anti-B, and Anti-H.

Virlap. Amar Nath Ahuvalia. Lahore, c. 1931. Panjabi (nastaliq) poetry, prose on Bhagat Singh.

Bhonchal Bir Lashkar. Rawalpindi 1934. 16pp. Urdu. pro-Muslim.

Astak Va Nastik Ki Partal Bajavab Kuljag insan Ke Libas Men. Pandit Munishvar Dev Sidhant. Arya-Samaj, Pindi, c. 1937. Urdu. 8pp. Arya reply to a Sanatan attack.

Kehr-i-Khudai. Ferozepur, 1937. on sunni-shia controversy. Urdu. 52pp.

Islam Ke Gale Par Churi Yat Vafadari Ka Sila. c. 1931 15pp. pictures. Urdu. on red-shirts, etc.

Mubahash-i-Tark Mavalat. Delhi, nd. 32pp. Urdu. Anti-Ahmadiya

Svarajya Git. Hukam Chand. Amritsar, 1931. 8pp. Urdu.

Gur Bachan. Manzur Ahmad Manzur. Panjabi (nas). 1935, Kadian. Ahmadiy tract, calling Muslims back to the Kadian version of Islam. Claims Nanak was a Muslim.

Ulama Hind Ka Mutafika Fatva. Muhammad Mohsin. Dehra Dun, Shaharanpu 1921. Urdu. 2pp. chief document in khilafat struggle.

Kashmir De Zulam. Hafiz Amir Baksh Soz. Multan, 1931. 8pp. Urdu. poems on Kashmir situation.

Desh Mala. Tulsi Das. Panjabi. Hyderabad, 1931. 12pp. patriotic poetry. Sri Ghru Nanak Printing Press.

Reel 8

Bharat San 57 Ke Bad. Shankar Lal Tivari. 1939. Caucri And Sons, Arjun Press Benares. 283pp. History of rev. activities, with biog. sketches.

Itihasik Ghatna. Prof. Manoranjan. Prabhu Dayal Dandevale, Svadhin Press, Delhi c. 1930. 8pp. Hindi. Poems on the 1857 mutiny, Kumar Singh

Prabhat Pheri. Vijaya. ni Bhivani. Pub. Dada Bhai Maik, Bhavani Printing Works. also ed. 1939. Hindi. 15pp. Arya Samaj, nationalist songs.

Rashtriya Suman Har. Sita Ram Pathak Vidhyarthi. SVVP Press Ghazipur, 16pp. Hindi. Patriotic poems.

Khaddar Posh. Pran. Ni. 1930. 48pp. Hindi. one act drama on nationalism

Chaman Islam Ki Shiva Sharma Mahopedeshak. Shyama Lala Satyadev Varma, Shukla Printing Press, Lucknow, 1930. 80pp. Hindi. Arya Samaj documents, attacks Muslims and Islam.

Taranye Azad. Sarayu Narayanan Shukla. Cawnpur, 1923. Hindi. 8pp. patriotic songs, poetry.

Arya Samaj Ki Nak Men Nakel. Badri Singh Tanvar. Bhivani (hissar) 1937. 52pp. Hindi. Sanatanist tract attacking Arya Samaj.

Rajyakranti Aur Bharatiya. Vitthal Caturvedi. Gurukul Press, Kankal, nd. 23pp. Hindi. Discussion of politics, religious condition of India.

Aryon Ki Samshir. Thakur Prasad Singh, Mahadev Sharma (ed). Calcutta, 1937. Arya Samaj tract supporting Hinduism, attacking Islam. 39pp. Hindi.

Ahimsa Ki Samshir. Thakur Prasad (ed.). Mirzapur, 1930. 7pp. Hindi. patriotic poems.

Svarajya Sangram Ka Bugle. Ed., pub., Prabhu Dyal, Upmantri, Tahil Congress Committee, Etaway. Sudharak Press, E. 15pp. nd., c. 1930 Hindi. poetry.

Arya Samaj Ke Shir Par Sansark Ka Juta. Atma Ram Sharma. Delhi, 1938. 16pp. Hindi. Sanatanist attack on Arya Samaj.

Azad Bharatvarsh. Prabhu Narayan Misra. Shri Press, Benares, 1931. 16pp. Hindi. poetry.

Aphat Ki Holi. Vinod. Hindi. Lucknow, 1922. 16pp. poems on Gandhi, his campaigns.

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Reel 9

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Reel 10

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Reel 11

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Reel 12

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Reel 13

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Reel 14

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Reel 15

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Muhammadi Gola. pt. 2. Ghulam Mohammad Khan "Shok". Amritsar, 1930. pt. 2. Urdu.

Angrezon Da Tattu Almaruf Fauj Police Ki Naukari Haram. Hafzi Abdul Hak. Sialkot, nd. 8pp. Urdu. call for Muslims to withdraw from army and police.

Din i-islam Aur Uski Ishait. Lahore, 1927. 32pp. Urdu. Arya Samaj attack on Islam.

Mata Ya Car Ansu Yani Kakori Ke Shahid. Nau Javan Bharat Sabha, Multan, 1929. Urdu. biographical sketches of rev. involved in Kakori case. 32pp.

Khvab Parishan. Muhammad Hussain. Moradabad, c. 1921. 8pp. Urdu.

Reel 16

Kaun Kaise Jita Hai. Jai Bukhari. Communist tract on labor problems. Bombay, c. 1933. Urdu. 77pp.

Tarana-i-Mazlum. Nand Lal Kamar (Sec., Congress Committee, Jaranvala). Lyallpur, 1930.16pp. Urdu. poetry.

Yad-i-Raftgan. Rahmat Ullah Manzir. Gurdaspur, 1938. 24pp. Urdu. Ahrar tract attacking Shias, followers of Ghulam Ahmad.

Hindustan Ghadar. Deshbhakti Ke Git. San Fran. 1916. Hindi. 32pp.

Hindustan Ghadar. Naven Zamane De Naven Adarshaya. 1914, San Fran. Panjabi, 48pp.

Hindustan Ghadar. Pardesi Hindustanion Ki Bharat Navasion Ke Nam. Khuli C hithi. Urdu. 2pp. San Fran. c. 1919.

Rusi Sipahiyons Ne... Hindi. Berlin, 1915. 3pp. Indian National Party production.

South African Horrors: Drama in Five Scenes. 2 pp. English. pictures, story of atrocities.

Pictures of hanging of Persian nationalists, atrocities

3 Arabic publications, relating to First World War

M. N. Roy. One Year of Non-Cooperation from Ahmedabad to Gaya. CPI, Calcutta, 1923. 184pp. English.

photocopy: Shabash. Har Dayal, extract from records. App. 20pp. English.

photocopy: Barry, John D. Sidelights on India. San Francisco, 1912.15pp. English.

photocopy: Har Dayal. The Social Conquest of the Hindu Race. English. App. 12pp.

photocopy: To the Delegates of the 44th Session of the Congress, 1929: Declaration of Independence. Sailendra Nath Ghosh. English. 6pp. copy from British Museum PIB 71

photocopy: from India Office Records. Rajpat. Rangila Rasul. English. trans. 20pp.

Bazaz. Inside Kashmir. English. Srinigar, 1941. lacks title page, but has bibliog. information. 412pp.

Baghi Ki Beti. Munishvardatt Avasthi. Benares, 1932. Hindi. revolutionary drama.190pp.

Mookejee, Syama Prasad. A Phase of the Indian struggle. Calcutta, 1942. English. 90pp.

Revolt: By a Man of 9-8-1942. Baroda. 52pp. English.

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