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~ New World Gurdwaras Site ~

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check out this new informative site guys,


In this site you can:

-Click on each Nishan Sahib () to get more information of the gurdwara.

-Rate the committee of each gurdwara and provide your comments.

-Navigate using the Map or Satellite view.

- Share your opinion on topics related to gurdwaras in general.

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Cool site, that world map is really cool, just need all the countries local map data to be added in.

Gurdwara idea is cool also, would be great to see the all exotic (and local) places Sikhs have established Gur-ghars...

A listed building in Sabah in Borneo (old indigenous architectural style - building on stills, over 100 tears old), was the most unlikely place I found a Gurdwara, the local Chief of Police was a also a Singh, they had his picture plastered all over the station!!

Although having the commitee ratings etc is a good idea, it could also serve as a political tool, where people with vested interests could post ratings/comments, this part I think needs to be thought out more carefully.

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Actually, now that my local Gurdwara has been added on and I actually looked at the feedback section, it's not too bad, especially point 4 - Vaheguru bless whoever added this TOTALLY IGNORED OVER THE LAST 100 YEARS, utmost important aspect of Sikh - Kaljug mein Kirtan pardhana!

I would suggest sangat look at the below feedback criteria as they currently stand and make "SENSIBLE" suggestions to add to these.

This will hopefully serve as sort of best practice/benchmarking exercise to kick start committees to make positive and long overdue changes.

My 1st suggestions are:

Does the Gurdwara provide the sangat with the opportunity tol "real" self defence and martial awareness?

Does the Gurdwara seek promote the langar facility to the poor and homeless, or at least seek to take food to them?

Does the Gurwara engage in inter-faith dialogue with other religious institutions in teh region to promote religious education and tolerance?

Does Gurdwara provide the sangat with the opportunity to learn Gurmat Raag and tanti saaj kirtan?

Here are current feedback criterion:

1 Is the current gurdwara committee doing enough to educate the youth?

They don’t care. The bare minimum. No comment They seem to be doing their part. They go above and beyond whats required.

2 What do you feel is the number one priority of the current gurdwara committee?

Maintain power as long as they can. Continue to do the bare minimum. No comment Make an effort to serve the sungat Doing a good job of serving the sungat.

3 How well do you feel the current gurdwara committee is managing the sangat’s money?

Fraudulently. Poorly. No comment. Good managment. Very well managed.

4 Do the current raggies that are selected by the gurdwara committee:

1: Explain the message behind each shabd?

2: Sing in raags as prescribed by the Guru?

Never. Once in a while. No comment. Mostly. Almost always.

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