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Shri Datta Swami is the present Human Incarnation

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Shri Datta Swami is the present Human Incarnation

Shri. Lakshman commented that Shri Datta Swami is the human incarnation and such statement shows the love of God towards His devotees. Smt. Vasumati, wife of Shri Bhimashankaram, told that such a statement is only to encourage the unity in the team without any differences.

Swami replied: This angle may be also correct because God treats His devotees even more than Himself. Narada told in his bhakti sutras that the real devotees can be considered as God (Tamayahite ….). But apart from this angle, the other angle may also be true in which the human incarnation and the devotee may be simultaneous incarnations of God as in the case of Rama and Hanuman. Hanuman is very famous for his firm faith on the contemporary human incarnation, Rama. But while remaining as the most obedient servant of Rama, Hanuman was a simultaneous human incarnation of God. Apart from these two angles a third angle may be possible where the master may be a soul and the devotee may be God as in the case of Sandeepani and Krishna.

Sandeepani identified Krishna as the Lord but kept silent on the request of Krishna. Apart from this there may be a fourth angle in which the master is a false human incarnation with ignorance and ego and the servant is a real human incarnation. For example, Bade Baba, an egoistic soul declared himself as the master of Shirdi Sai Baba, who is the incarnation of God. Sai Baba agreed to this and served Bade Baba as His master for some days.

God will not mind His position in the bond provided there is love and God will act as per the desire of the devotee. Dasharatha acted as a father and Rama acted like his son based on the request of Dasharatha in the previous birth. In this bond Dasharatha loved Rama without any ego as in the case of Bade Baba. In fact, Rama the God, is the divine father of all the souls and Dasharatha was one of the souls. Rama did not mind to be his son and treat the soul as His father to fulfill the desire of the devotee. Similarly, Krishna and Yashoda. Therefore, the ways of the unimaginable God are always unimaginable and any unimaginable turn can happen at any time.

Parashurama was the human incarnation and Rama was a simultaneous human incarnation. Parashurama was affected by ego and God left him and He was insulted by Rama. The human incarnation also must be very careful in resisting the ego to maintain the unimaginable God in His body. Sai Baba, the human incarnation was always chanting that He is the servant of God (Allah Mallik) to please God present in His human body and His statement means that He is aware of the truth.

Sai Baba, Akkalkot Maharaj and Ramakrishna Paramhamsa were simultaneous human incarnations of God. But, for the devotees the human incarnation should be the God just like the live wire itself is treated as current. But the human incarnation is very careful about his angle to maintain God in His body throughout His life. When Krishna gave Gita, it is said that God spoke (Shri Bhagavan uvacha) and it is not said that Krishna spoke (Krishna uvacha). When Arjuna asked Him to repeat Gita at the end of the war, Krishna expressed his inability. Krishna is the PA and God is the Boss and both are coexisting in the same office room, which is the single human body. This does not mean that the God is modified into Krishna or Krishna is modified into God.

When Arjuna insisted, Krishna told Gita again based on his knowledge learnt from Sandeepani. The second Gita given by Krishna called, as Anu Gita is not at all famous. This clearly shows the existence of both the God (Bhagawan) and soul (Krishna) in the same human body. But this is the angle of Krishna and the same should not be the angle of the devotees of Krishna. For devotees, Krishna is God as the live wire is the current. If devotees take the aspect of God and soul (Dvaita) in the human incarnation, the devotees are lost. God has taken Krishna as the medium to give His experiences to the devotees and there is no other way to experience God directly. Hence the angle of the devotees must be advaita towards the human incarnation. God selects this two-in-one system for His divine play also.

When God has to act as a human being to test the faith of His devotees, He cannot act as a real human being acts and therefore the human being (PA) acts directly. Similarly, when human incarnation has to act as God, the human being cannot act as God and the God (Boss) acts directly. Therefore, in the case of the human incarnation, whenever the context of the direct action of God comes, God acts directly through the human being only since in the human incarnation the human being is only expressed medium. But some people misunderstand because even though God is speaking directly, externally it looks as if the human being is speaking. They feel that the human being is boasting as God.

In a cinema the males play the male role and females play female roles. Hence, the cinema is very effective and attractive by their natural actions as the males and females. In the olden days males also acted the female roles but such female roles were not exhibiting the natural actions of females. Hence the old dramas were not as attractive as cinemas. Thus this two in one system is a wonderful combination of Nara and Narayana in the human incarnation with natural actions to serve both the purposes according to the contexts.

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