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Sant Baba Mudhsudhan Singh Ji Bedi


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Right this post has been created as a request from my father. My dad has been blessed with good karma. During his life he has been blessed byt the meetings of many great saints. He has met Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji Bhindrawalae, Sant Ishar SIngh Ji Rara Sahib, Sant Mohinder Singh Ji Khanne Walae, Sant Mohinder Singh Ji Jarg Walae, Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Sato Gali Walae to name a few but one remains his dearest in his heart.

Sant Baba Mudhsudhan Singh Ji Bedi are a direct descendant of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. They were the son of Sant Davinder Singh Ji and the father of Sant Sarbjot Singh Ji Bedi. By dad describes this mahaan hastee as 'big man and the biggest personality.' Unfortunately my recollection of this great Sadhu is limited as i was 9 years of age when baba ji went into mahasamadhi. I have heard so many great thinga about baba ji that if i were to go into them i think i would be opening more threads then Dattaswami was. On this thread i intend to add photos of Baba Ji. I have old photos but got to find them int he attic, so for the time being it is ones from the old Ajooni magazines. I apologise for the quality of them but they are out of black and white magazines but am unable to make them any better.


Baba Mudhsudhan Singh Ji around the age of 10 years with their younger sister Jatinder Kaur


Baba Mudhsudhan Singh Ji at the age of 18 years


Baba Mudhsudan Singh Ji at their Kurmai. Their father Baba Davinder Singh Ji sitting to the right of them


Baba Ji in their college photo


Baba Mudhsudhan Singh Ji at Una Sahib


Baba Mudhsudhan Singh i at Sri Hazoor Sahib picture 01


Baba Mudhsudhan Singh Ji at Hazoor Sahib. Other Sadhu Sants standing in respect of Baba Ji behind them


Baba Mudhsudhan Singh Ji sitting with Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Sato Gali Walae (to the left) and Sant Joginder SIngh Ji Hazoor Sahib Walae standing at the back


Baba Mudhsudhan Singh Ji with their wife Mata Harjinder Kaur and mother Mata Jaswant Kaur.


Beautiful photo - Baba Mudhsudhan Singh Ji with a shawl on them. Baba Sarbjot Singh Ji Bedi who are the present day head of Una Sahib and Sant Samaj sitting next to their father aged 13. Baba Davinder Singh Ji Bedi the Father of Baba Mudhsudhan Singh Ji in their final years before Mahasamadhi and next to them is Bibi Saravneek Kaur the younger sister of Baba Sarbjot Singh Ji Bedi who currently lives in Delhi. Amazing 3 generations of sadhus together.


Baba Mudhsudhan Singh Ji in the state of Mahasamadhi which they attained in 14th of March 1989


Beautiful photo of Sri Maan Sant Baba Mudhsudhan Singh Ji Bedi. Just looking at this photo makes my hair stand on end and i begin to recite the Gurmantar. Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru


I hope you enjoy the photos so far

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