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GOTCHA Freed !


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GOTCHA Freedy Boy !!

for years now our 'Jita Bhaaji' ...... AKA Freed..... has been posting pictures of other people ....now he gets a taste of his own medicine!

not in his usual environment....a place known as /head in a book/ .....but on holiday in Marrakech .... You bloody poser !

HA HA HA - got you bang to rights SON !


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I'll get you back - don't you worry Sunny Jim - just you wait.

Take this as a lesson about the perils of not logging off and allowing pesky cousins free range in your house and computer

I can assure the members of SA that I am not a 'Poseur' - Just got caught up in the moment at the Majorelle Garden, Marrakech - I love that blue.

I can assure you a substantial 'Jutti' will be making contact with my cousin's head in the very near future.

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