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~ Vichar on Elements/Tats and Sub Elements/Parkritiyas ~

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VahiguroojikakhalsaVahiguroojikifateh Sadh sangat JI,

I am reading an book- vedant pardipaka by sant jagjit singh ji harkhowale. excellent source. I photocopied this priceless booklet. Its like 101 guide of advait vedant for dummies. I will be putting more stuff from there on the forum in future. But for now enjoy this.

Vichar on Elements/Tats and Sub Elements/Parkritiyas?

a. What are five elements?

1) Sky/Ether/Akash.

2) Air/Vayu

3) Fire/Agni

4) Water/Jal

5) Earth/Prithvi.

B) What are 25 sub elements/ parkrityas?

There are five sub elements within 5 elements, after adding up they equal- 25 sub elements/parkrityas. They are as follows:

1. Sky- Souk, Kam, Krodh, Moh, Bhay

2. Air- Dhavan, Parsarna, Bolan, Chalan, Akuchan.

3. Fire- Choopa, Trikha, Kaant, Alaas, Nirdha

4. Water- Sokar, Lar, Savaed, Mootar, Soonat.

5. Earth/Prithi- Asath, Maas, Nari, Tavecha, Rom.

Now question to tsingh and other scholars in this forum, please if you can translate these terms into english like- souk, Dhavan, Parsarna, Akuchan, Choopa, Trikha, Kaant, Nirdha, Sookar, Lar, Savaed, Soonat, Astha, Tavecha. Some of terms are easy to understand but some are not soo easy to understand even in punjabi.

Thanks soo much in advance.

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neo hold up on the last. that is what i am in the process of doing just been bust with Sant Hari Singh Ji here. They leave tomorrow so will have the pdf done soon. as soon as i have done it i will email it to you.

If anyone is interested in the Vedant Pardipakya then i suggests you take alook at the Vichar Sagar by Sant nischall Das as basically it is a very summurised version of it.

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