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After Death

Mehtab Singh

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Well this morning I happened to be listening to Sikhnet radio, and they had a katha of Sant Baba Darshan Singh Khalsa Dhakki Sahib waale (I’ve never heard of him before) playing. Sant jee started talking about the importance of Naam Simran, and referred to a sakhi which I really want to share.

He talked about two British army officers, one was W.T. Stead, and the other was Julia. They tried a great deal to find out as to what happens to a person after death, and made a pact that whoever died first would return and tell the other one what he/she went through. As time passed, it turned out that Julia was the first one to die. Stead waited for days, weeks, months, and years for her soul to come back and tell him what happened. After many years had passed and he didn’t hear from Julia’s soul, he went to church and prayed to God, saying that if he didn’t hear from her he would become an atheist and stop believing that there was a thing called soul that existed.

Some time later, as he was writing down something, his hand started to write something on its own, and it wrote “Hi this is Juliaâ€. This was how he communicated with Julia after she had died. He asked her loads of questions, and a book was made out of their written conversation. I ran a search on google and found it here: http://www.spiritwritings.com/LetterFromJulia.pdf . Initially the book was called Letters from Julia but was re-named After Death.

Stead asked her how was it in the after life. As you can see it’s a 123 page book, and so it means that they had a whole lot of exchanges as to what went on after death. But one thing that Sant jee mentions is that Julia stressed on the importance of reciting and repeating the name of God, which we know as Naam Simran. Stead said that although he was comfortable with the belief in doing good deeds, helping needy people, he didn’t understand the concept of repeating a word over and over and over again and said it was not possible for him to do it. But Julia stressed a lot on it, and so finally Stead said “Ok, how long do I have to do it for?†Julia asked him to do it for 2 hours daily. Stead refused and said he couldn’t sit free for 2 hours. She came down to 1 hour, then 30 minutes and finally Stead agreed to sit and repeat God’s name for 5 minutes. Julia told him that if he did it just for 5 minutes a day, he would be rewarded a lot in the court of God.

I tried to search for the parts Sant ji said. Although I didn’t exactly find the words I was looking for as Naam Simran in the Christian terminology isn’t exactly referred to as “repeating God’s nameâ€, I did come across the same message given by Julia.

Check it out guys!

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