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I am glad to read that you have grasped the significance of service

to the Sound Current. Guru Nanak, a great Saint of the 16th century

and the first of the Sikh Gurus says: "If one can concentrate his

attention in the Third Eye [during meditation], then he has done all

the 'pilgrimages,' 'devotions,' and 'charities.'" The soul is hungry.

Its food is the Current. It finds no rest without It. Its wanderings

will continue as long as it has not merged itself in the Sound of God.


The sounds of the different regions, indicated at the time of

Initiation, are meant to give a faint idea of the music pervading

there. As a matter of fact, the music of those regions has no

counterpart in the physical world. Their joy and pleasure can be felt

only by going to those regions. This is true of all the regions and

not that of Sat Lok only. [The Fifth Heaven, a region of all-Spirit

and all-Truth.]

The Sound Current or Naam or Shabd emanates from Sat Lok, from where

the creation starts. There is Sound in the regions above Sat Lok, but

that Sound is so very fine and exquisite that it cannot be understood

without reaching Sat Lok.


The Bell Sound is constantly going on within you day and night. There

are five regions in your forehead, each one emitting a distinct and

different music all the time. Man sleeps but the music does not.


The Audible Life Stream which we call Shabd is the everlasting Form

of the Lord and is always within everyone of us. At the Eye-Focus It

assumes the Astral Form of the Master and in this physical world It

assumes the physical form of the Master.

The function of Shabd is to lift the soul up; but It cannot perform

this function until the mind and soul concentrate at the Eye-Focus,

and having vacated the physical frame, crosses the inner solar

system, that is, the stars, the sun and the moon.

The soul and mind permeate every pore of the physical body, therefore

Shabd cannot pull them up. It is by means of Repetition [simran,

Zikhr] of the Five Holy Names -- while keeping the attention behind

the eyes -- that the currents of the soul gradually leave the body

and collect at the Eye-Focus. When the concentration is complete and

the entire body has become numb, then it is easy for the Sound

Current to pull up the soul.

Therefore, please work hard upon your Repetition and bring about

complete concentration. No external circumstances can obstruct the

progress of the soul. It is the lower tendencies of the mind that

obstruct the soul's progress. Keep your thoughts pure. It is lust and

anger that make the mind impure and prevent spiritual development.

One should never be contented with one's spiritual progress. One

should always hunger for the Repetition of the Names of God and

hearing the Sound Current.

Yes, what happens with you is happening with everyone. Sometimes the

mind and the soul get easily concentrated and sometimes they are very

difficult to concentrate. It is not the same every day. The reason is

that when the mind is scattered for any cause, it becomes difficult

to bring about concentration. And when the mind is not so scattered,

concentration becomes easier and more pleasant.

-- Huzur Baba Sawan Singh, "Spiritual Gems," RS Books

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