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Bid to rape female in Golden Temple complex !


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Bid to rape female devotee in Golden Temple complex, SGPC takes action


Thursday, 13 September 2007

AMRITSAR: Shriomnai Gurdwara Pharbandhak Committee (SGPC) Wednesday suspended the incharge of the periphery of the Golden temple Lakhbir Singh and terminated services of his assistant involved in an attempt to rape a female devotee who has come to pay obeisance.

Talking to the Punjab News Line Manager Golden Temple Harbhajan Singh said that with the approval of SGPC Chief Avtar Singh Makkar, one SGPC employee has been suspended and another terminated when they were found allegedly involved in an attempt to rape with the female devotee to Golden Temple.

Harbhajan Singh said that the strict actions against the two SGPC employees were taken today and their entry in and around the Golden Temple has also been banned.

Giving the detail of unfortunate incident happened with the female devotee who has come to Golden Temple from out of Punjab to pay obeisance, Harbhjan Singh said the two days back incharge of Golden

Temple Lakhbir Singh and his assistance Narinder Singh attempted to rape but lady devotee escaped unhurt when she managed to come out of the room where she was locked. The identity of devotee is not revealed.

"Immediate after the incident lady devotee came to me and narrated the whole incident. I ordered the high level enquiry and two alleged accused were found guilty and the matter was also brought into the notice of SGPC chief Avtar Singh Makkar who approved the suspension of Lakbir Singh and termination of Narinder Singh", said Harbhajan Singh.

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Kuthian da sir kut-dhana chahida, or if thats too extreme, there are other relevant possibilities...

Such a crime (in the holiest of places) and such criminals should be made an example of.

In my mothers 18 years growing up in Samrai (near Phagwara), there was complete security and freedom for all villagers to interact (irrelevant of caste or faith) and small girls could quite safely walk home from their relatives houses even after dark. Only time villagers used to get a little worried was when the Nihangs used to visit once a year on their Elephants (some mela) - worried as they were quite loud/violent and fond of high quantities of certain leaves.

Only once does my mother recall a crime - a burgler was caught (outsider). He was tied backwards to a donkey and the donkey left to roam around the village for 2 days, with children having fun as they do.

The burgler was then set free never to return (and most likely never to commit that crime again).

We need some style of old fashioned justice in India and in the UK!

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