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You can get this book from this website: http://www.babanandsinghmission.org/publications.htm

The Book entitled, ANAND SAROVAR, BIOGRAPHY OF SANT BABA NAND SINGH written by Bhagat Singh, Session Judge (Retd. ) in five volumes in English translated from the original in Punjabi (Gurmukhi Script) embodies the highest spiritual ideals preached and practised by Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji of Nanaksar in Ludhiana district of Punjab State of India. Babaji left his body in 1943 at the age of 72. Bhagat Singh, his biographer has been close with him often enough to record the many incidents as an eye-witness but where he was not present in person, his "Judicial" sense helped him to verify the evidence coming from various sources. Babaji had lakhs of devotees, some of whom still alive, vouch for the amazing incidents from his life, his unbelievable miracles and his huge congregations of rich and poor, Maharajas of Princely States and the commoners -all spellbound by his discourses.

Many foreigners and innumerable Indians, not knowing Punjabi, who have heard about the Saint, have shown keen interest of knowing more and more about the life and teachings of Babaji. But, unfortunately, for want of sufficient literature about him in the English Language, their thirst has largely remained unquenched. It is to meet this strongly felt need that, as a First Task of the Mission the English translation of Babaji's Biography has been published in five volumes with the sincerest hope that its reading will help in the spiritual transformation of the readers in India and abroad.

FORMAT: Hardboard (with 4 colour Jacket on Art Paper) 81/2" x 11" in Five Volumes,

1235 pages.

PRICE: Books like this one are like Priceless Jewels. However the Mission, which has undertaken a gigantic task of country-wide and world -wide spread of the "Light" of Sant Baba Nand Singh and his successor Sant Baba Ishar Singh expects from the prospective possessors, a donation price of Rs. 5100.00 or U.S.$201.00 for possessing a complete set of 5 volumes.

Has anyone read this. If they have the 5 volume books is their a chance you can scan them and e-mail them to me.


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"Has anyone read this. If they have the 5 volume books is their a chance you can scan them and e-mail them to me."

"FORMAT: Hardboard (with 4 colour Jacket on Art Paper) 81/2" x 11" in Five Volumes, ---------------1235 pages------------------."

Ok, give me 2 minutes.

Sorry, just jesting, couldn't help myself.

Jas, I am sure you agree with the writer when he says "Books like this one are like Priceless Jewels", so whats £100 for such a divine inspiration .... the jeevan of Baba Nand Singh Ji?

Also, should the author who has dedicated many years compiling the biography not see some compensation for expenses incurred at the least?

Live a little, splash out on the book set and create demand for more writers to compile/create and translate great works.

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