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This Life is For You Lord

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This Life is For You Lord

Supremely respected holy ones, gathered together in the purifying presence of Guru Granth Sahib Jee, the Guru is embodied in you the holy congregation, the Sadh-Sangat. In order to make your time and your breaths successful, all of you beloved men and women have travelled here from near and far, leaving behind your worldy affairs just to be in the presence of the eternal and permanent, pure and immaculate Guru Granth Sahib Jee.

Now lets take some time to search our Guru's teachings. Only that life is successful that comes to Guru jee - others are not even worth a penny. Our human body is just one house out of 8.4 million different life forms. Now to receive this human body we can't begin to imagine how many virtues we must have done.

The aim of life is to meditate on God's Name, or Naam, and to praise Waheguru jee. Guru Arjun Dev jee says,

"Bhaee prapat manukh dehuria, gobind milan kee eh teree bariaa

having received this human body, it is your turn to unite with God, The Protector of the World "

Today we have a body, a mind and time to praise Waheguru. But, a time will come when we have none of these.

Guru Arjun Dev jee continues,

"Avar Kaaj teray kita na Kaam, mil Sadh Sangat Bhaj Keval Naam

Other works are of no use to you, meet the Holy Congregation and meditate only on Naam"

Guru Tegh Bahadur jee, the ninth Guru-Maharaja, says open your eyes, you didn't bring your body from your last life and it won't go with you into the next life. You are proud of your sons, your wife and your house, but these things won't go with you.

"Avar Kaaj teray kita na Kaam, mil Sadh Sangat Bhaj Keval Naam

Other works are of no use to you, meet the Holy Congregation and meditate only on Naam"

Guru Amar Das jee says,

"Eh man pyariaa, too sada sach samalay - O my beloved mind always contemplate The Truth"

But nowadays, a brother doesn't trust a brother, a father doesn't trust a son and to my great sadness a Sikh doesn't even have faith in Guru Granth Sahib jee. We have more faith in a wedding invitation. It says the wedding's is on so-and-so date at so-and-so place. We don't go the day before nor the day after, we believe what we read on a tiny piece of card with full faith. But, we don't have the same faith for all the words of Guru Granth Sahib jee. We have more faith in a wedding invitation than in our Guru jee.

omeone asked me what the difference is between the great Sikhs in our history and the Sikhs of today. There's only a little difference: the historic Sikhs did what Guru jee told them to do. Today's Sikhs expect Guru jee to do what they say! Guru Amar Das jee says

"Eh man pyariaa, too sada sach samalay - O my beloved mind always contemplate The Truth"

But what is the Truth Khalsa jee? Bhagat Ravidas jee says,

"Naam tayro aartee majan muraaray. Har kay naam bin jhoothay sagal paasaaray - Your Name, O lord is my adoration and ablution. Without the name of God, all ostentation is false."

God is true, Guru is true, Naam is true and everything else is false.

How do gather Truth? Guru Nanak jee says "Amrit vela sach nao vadaee vichar - Get up at early ambrosialtime, or amrit vela, and sing the praises of Vaheguru "

But how many Sikhs get up then? Great Sants, or Saints, said change your own life and seeing you hundreds of thousands will change. People ask, ``What will happen to the Khalsa Panth, the Khalsa Nation?'' Why are you worried about the Khalsa Panth? Worry about yourself and the Khalsa Panth will be taken care of by God. The Khalsa Panth has the five pillars of beloved five Punj Pyare, it has the blood of the four sons of Guru Gobind singh jee as the the cement!

People ask, ``When will the Khalsa rule?'' The simple answer is when we become Khalsa. But, look inside yourselves, while we are doing other things we can't be Khalsa.

"Avar Kaaj teray kita na Kaam, mil Sadh Sangat Bhaj Keval Naam

Other works are of no use to you, meet the Holy Congregation and meditate only on Naam"

While we love other things, our soul can't break out and be with Waheguru. Love between friends and family is great indeed, but the greatest love is love for Guru jee. Like the love Bhai Mani Singh jee had in order to give his body to be chopped joint by joint, like the love Bhai Taroo Singh jee had in order to give his scalp rather than allow one hair on his head to be cut.

People ask, ``If I meditate on God's Name, Naam Simran, then who's going to do my work?'' But, who's going to do your work when you are dead? Who was doing your work before you were born? These works of your were carrying on before you came, they carry on now and they'll carry on after you've gone.

Guru Amar Das jee says,

"Saath teray chalay nahee - Your companions do not go with you into the next world."

They don't go with you. What does go with you?

"Avar Kaaj teray kita na Kaam, mil Sadh Sangat Bhaj Keval Naam

Other works are of no use to you, meet the Holy Congregation and meditate only on Naam"

Time spent in the sadh-sangat, holy congregation, meditating on God's Name goes with you.

When a flea bites a cow's udder it only drinks the blood. Milk is there too, but it is not in its destiny to drink the milk. In same way to find the the holy congregation, the Sadh-Sangat is to be greatly fortunate.

The fortunate ones follow Guru Nanak jee and gain the true profits.

A millionaire called Sayt, went to see Guru Nanak jee. Guru jee asked him, ``How much money have you got?'' He said, ``40 million Rupees.'' Another Sikh said, ``O protector of the poor, Gareeb Nivaaj, Guru jee he has got nothing.'' Guru jee asked him why he had lied. He said, ``I'm telling you the truth Guru jee.'' Guru jee then asked him how many sons he had. Sayt answered, ``Guru jee, I have one son.'' The other Sikh said, ``Guru jee he's lying again, he has got 5 sons.'' Guru jee said , ``Sayt why are you lying?'' Sayt said, ``Why would I lie to you Guru jee?'' Sayt was 60 years old he had a white beard. Guru jee asked him how old he was, he took out his dairy and started flicking back the pages he answered, ``Guru jee, by your grace I'm 12 years old.'' Guru jee said, ``What are you saying Sayt? You are obviously over 60.'' Sayt put both hands together and said, ``Guru jee I told you the truth. You asked me how much money I had, well I've had 40 million Rupees in my life which I've given away an

d I'm left with only 1 million.'' Guru jee said, ``Forgive me Sayt for doubting

you, your answer was true. Sayt is true.' Sayt said, ``Next you asked me how many sons I had, I said one, its true I have five sons but four are drunks only one is beloved of Guru jee, he is sensible and loves his parents. Then Baba jee, I said I was 12 years old because that's how many hours of service, meditation and holy congregation (seva, Simran and Sadh-Sangat) I've done. Every time I do one of these I note the duration. That's what I regard as my age, that amount of time will be taken into account not my body's age.'' Guru jee said, ``Sayt is true.''

"Bhaee prapat manukh dehuria, gobind milan kee eh teree bariaa - Having received this human body, It is your turn to unite with God, The Protector of the World."

In the town of Kanshee, all the banks were being robbed. One of the robbers asked Bhagat Kabeer jee to join the thieves. He told them that wealth doesn't go with us into the next world, and if they really wanted to steal, then they should loot the wealth of God's Name from Waheguru!

If you want to steal anything steal God's Name. Time is short you will regret wasting your life in the end. Some people ask, ``Who's seen the next life?'' The Guru's have seen it.

I say receive amrit, get engrossed in worrship and devotion, but people say ``I've still got a lot of life left to drink and eat meat.'' Our time is short some people die in the womb some die in youth, there are no guarantees.

If you didn't meditate on God's Name in your childhood then that was wasted.

If you didn't meditate on God's Name in your youth then that was wasted.

If you didn't meditate on God's Name in old age then that was wasted.

If you didn't meditate on God's Name in life then the whole of your life was wasted.

Raja ShivNabh's kingdom was visited by Guru Nanak Dev jee, the Raja was an atheist. Guru Nanak jee went to those places where the greatest sinners and evil people were.

ShivNabh's ministers warned him not to meet Guru Nanak jee unless he wanted to be cursed. Four ministers were sent to meet Guru Nanak Dev jee and to stop him reaching the Kingdom. They offered a silver plate laden with diamonds at Guru jee's feet. They said, ``This offering shows our King's respect for you.'' Guru Nanak jee said, ``Tell him how can he respect me with mere pennies?'' The ministers were taken aback, all other saints had accepted this offering and left the King alone. ShivNabh was told this is no ordinary saint. Guru jee said to the ministers, ``Tell ShivNabh that if he wants to make an offering then he'll have to come and offer himself.''

ShivNabh was an egotistical man and didn't recognise how great Guru Nanak jee was. When a person thinks wrongly he'll not see other women as his sister, mother or daughter but as sex objects. Guru Nanak jee saw everyone for what they were.

King ShivNabh was an egoist and thought that Guru jee was probably one too. Next he sent his dancing prostitutes to try and tempt Guru jee but they failed as Guru jee addressed them as daughters.

The minister told ShivNabh. ShivNabh was shaken, the fear of God entered him and he thought ``Who is this uncorruptable man?''

Without firstly having the fear of God, love can't enter. Without love one can't worship Waheguru.

"Gobind Bhau bhagat ka bhuka - God is hungry for the love of the Saints."

Guru Gobind Singh jee says, ``Sach kaho sun leho sabhay jin prem keeo tin hee prabh paaio.. "I speak truth, all should listen, those who live in love are the ones who attain to God".

ShivNabh had the fear of God enter into his mind. He bowed to Guru jee then put together his two hands and made a request. To ask for something you have to become humble. ``Gareeb Nivaz, O Protector of the Poor, I'm the king of this land. Be merciful and give me some seva, or service, to do. But the service shouldn't be small it should be great enough for a King, what can I offer you in return?''

Guru jee said, ``This is the path of love, no-one else can travel this path.''

``Jo tho prem khelan ka chao. Sir dar talee ghalee meree aao. If you desire to play the game of love then bring your head to me on the palm of your hand.'' (Guru Nanak Dev jee).

For love, the five beloved ones - the Punj Pyare, gave their heads to Guru Gobind Singh jee.

Guru Nanak jee said, ``if you want to give an offering, then donate something of yours and do something that's going to help you in your next life.''

ShivNabh said, ``I will donate MY kingdom to you Guru jee.''

Guru Nanak jee said, ``O foolish ShivNabh, I said give me something of yours, this Kingdom isn't yours and its not going to help you in the next world. Your father couldn't take it when he died, your grandfather couldn't take it either and neither can you take it because it doesn't belong to you.''

Guru jee repeated his original question and asked, ``O ShivNabh, donate something of yours, the kingdom is not yours, the queen that rules it with you is not yours, no donate something that's yours!''

ShivNabh said, ``I will donate MY body to you Guru jee.''

Guru said `O foolish ShivNabh, this body isn't yours. Where are your father's and grandfather's bodies now? They had to leave them in this world, the body wasn't theirs and its not yours either. No donate something that's YOURS!''

ShivNabh said desparately, ``What can I give? Take my name.''

Guru Nanak jee said, ``ShivNabh, if you want to give me your name then show me the god Shiva's Navel, that's Shiv-Nabh means. You aren't Shiva, you can't give me his navel, can you?''

ShivNabh was nervous and confused, he said, ``I don't own this body, I haven't got riches, I don't own my Kingdom, the Queen doesn't belong to me, O Guru Jee what can I, I, I give?''

Guru jee said, ``But you're in possession of such a great thing that if you give it you'll be saved from birth and death.''

ShivNabh said, ``I can't see what I, I, I can give?''

Guru jee said, ``Give this I, I, I that you keep stuttering like a goat! You are not a kingdom, you are not a body and you are not your name.''

ShivNabh fell at Guru jee's feet a changed man, he said, ``Everything is Yours, nothing is mine, nothing is mine Guru jee.''

ShivNabh, the egotistical King, had a complete change in his state of mind. Now ShivNabh, the humble servant said, ``I'm nothing.''

Guru Nanak jee said, ``Now go back to your duties and rule the Kingdom.''

ShivNabh replied, ``I can't rule, before I, I, I was doing it, but now I'm nothing I can't do it.''

Guru jee said, ``If someone asks you who's Kingdom you are ruling, just say its Guru Nanaks. If someone asks you who do you belong to, just reply to Guru Nanak.''

"Rakho RakanHar Dyala, Nanak Ghar ke Gholay - Protect me o Protector, for I am a slave of your house says Nanak" (Guru Arjun Dev Jee)

ShivNabh obtained the knowledge of God - BrahmGian. Guru Nanak jee said, ``Ask for something?''

He asked for God's Name, ``Bless me with Naam and that I may always have a place at your Lotus feet.''

We're ending the kirtan and katha now, but stay until Guru Granth Sahib jee has been taken to the Position of Peace - Sukh Asan. Don't leave now and turn your back on your Guru. Remember what happened to Moola Khatree the trader, he turned his back on the Guru and had to spend 12 more lives in birth and death.

(Translator's note : Moola Khatree lived in a village visited by Guru Nanak Dev jee. Guru jee wrote on a piece of paper, `Is living true or is death true?'' Bhai Mardana jee took it around the village to get and answer only a trader called Moola wrote an answer, he said that only dying was true. Guru Nanak jee came and asked him if he would live by what he wrote but he said he had only written it for fun. Gradually he became a devout follower always by the side of Guru Nanak jee, he wouldn't even go home to his wife. She became ill and Guru Nanak jee told Moola to go home. Next time Guru jee came to their house, he knocked on the door. Moola's wife told Moola to hide in the store room, she was afraid she'd lose him again. She lied to the Guru by sayin Moola had gone out. Moola had turned his back on his Guru and uffered a fatal bite by a snake in the storeroom where he was hiding. His wife repented, and Guru jee in his mercy said, ``I will save him in my tenth form.'' At the place where the Gurdw

ara Shikaar Ghat now stands, Guru Gobind Singh jee shot an arrow into a passing rabbit, when questioned by his Siksh why he'd killed an innocent animal, Guru jee explained that it was Moola and he had liberated his soul.)

Khalsa jee, you shouldn't touch a Sant's feet, saying ``Waheguru jee ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee kee Fateh'' is the only acceptable greeting. Guru Gobind Singh jee said, ``The one who says `Waheguru jee ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee kee Fateh' has my hand above his head, the one who replies has my face towards them, but the one who doesn't reply in the same way has my back towards them!'' When a Sikh says ``Waheguru jee ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee kee Fateh'' to a Sikh then Guru Gobind Singh jee is there between them.

Khalsa jee, Guru is Guru Granth Sahib Jee, Guru Gobind Singh told us:

``Agiaa bhaee akaal kee, tabeeo chalaaioo Panth

Sabh Sikhan ko hukam haa, guru manioo granth

Guru Granth jee maanio pargat gura kee dhay

Jo prabh ko mil boch ha kojh shabd mel lay

The Immortal Being issued the command and the Khalsa Path was created

ALL Sikhs are commanded to accept the Granth as their Guru

Accept Guru Granth for it is the now the body of the manifested Gurus

Whoever longs for Waheguru, will unite by searching the Word.''

We are not to get attached to statues nor to bodies. We are to join with the Guru's Lotus Feet, meaning get attached to the Words of Guru Granth Sahib jee. ``Banee Guru, Guru Ha Banee vich Banee Amrit Saray - The Word is the Guru - the Guru is the Word - All nectar/treasures are found there-in" (Guru Ram Das Jee)

We bow to statues and bodies, but remember only the True Guru is perfect:

"Poora prabh Aradhee-aa, poora ja ka nao,

Nanak poora paa-iaa, poora ke gun gao"

Take the support of The Perfect Lord, the one who's name is Perfect.

Nanak has attained The Perfect One by singing The perfect One's praises"

By bowing to people and statues we become imperfect. By stirring water we won't get yoghurt. By two people saying the Fateh greeting, we say Waheguru four times and will become perfect.

Baba Nand Singh jee's whole life was dedicated to Guru Granth Sahib jee. Every day he used to take Guru Granth Sahib jee on an excursion. Every night he would burn a fire-torch for light.

Without a seed there's no tree without a tree there's no seed

"Banee Guru, Guru Ha Banee - The Word is the Guru, Guru is the Word"

Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Jee Kee Fateh !

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