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Paradox of Life

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Darkness under the candle

Horse now without a saddle

The search for meaning

from a spiritual reading

confines of religious organization

blogging "Controversies" section

for open minded spiritual discussion

what is real and what is an illusion

You become that what you seek

not religious side that Mystics seek

Breaking out of habitual ways of observing

perceiving, thinking, believing and acting

finding the gate that lead to region of the nameless

in endless open spaces, horizons that are boundless

''Everything you have seen here is tricks,'' says the magician

who wanted to know the spiritual rationale for a vegetarian

My basic nature is to be passionate and committed

a day came and with utmost reverence I submitted

plain truth isn’t spoken because it would threaten tradition

ignored the fluff and instead just concentrating on meditation

I thought you had a "hurt child" in your writing

I should lessen my ego and be more trusting

It is easy then to project this sort of love onto the One

Perhaps it is possible for my relationship with the One

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Thanks for the correction, dear old friend, Shaheediyan

I was idealistic, curious about a guru in the Himalayan

I'm now looking for a Bigger Picture

fixed by an immutable law of nature

irrefutable observations of spirituality, religion, and philosophical thought

willing to put aside everything that you and I have here-to-fore bought

I can only tell you from my own direct experience that this is not so

sooner you will truly wake up and come to your senses so

presence of an enlightened being is to shock people out of fixed ways

a zen master is asked about truth, "so please be brief", in reply he says

Truth is not in words. You ARE the truth

who knows maybe he's telling us the truth

Beware of anyone setting themselves up as a master

it's publicity and you wallet that he might be after

"Have not our lives been enhanced by our seeking?"

in a paradoxical way; but seeking is an endless thing

As long as you keep hoping and trying to rely on some outside agent

You, Consciousness, appear in Your play acting the role of a student

Fine. This all just part of the play of consciousness

there is only now, appears as a play in awareness

apparently an individual may embark upon a spiritual path

falsely led to believe that purity lies in a holy river bath

consciousness, already being consciousness in whatever form it appears

finds the Source on its own; the Celestial Music that one eventually hears

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I've got no problem with religious mythology

humans are observers in the grand cosmology

adults here in the Pacific Northwest believe in Bigfoot

Christian mysticism recognizes whatever comprises the root

I pretty much believed my guru might be able to manipulate karma

to affect the afterlife of a deceased relative by bestowing good karma

We're Yes seeking creatures who long for acceptance

saying no-no-no's to that which divides life, for instance

living in this world of duality is what we strongly believe

enlightenment, redemption, forgiveness – "you've got to believe"

What more could we want if we have Yes?

it's the disenchanting "no" that nobody likes

you've got to believe that they're really coming

Just have faith, obey the dictates, a sheep following

Don't turn to the right or left. Keep to the straight and narrow

I don't like surrender under those terms; an idea I got to throw

Throwing myself at the mercy of an imaginary being called "God"

makes as much sense as Easter Bunny or Santa Claus seem odd

surrendering to another human being – a master/slave thing going on

wouldn't it be better to get all the spiritual advice from a book at Amazon?

Religions seek a transcendent ideal that always seems to be just around the corner

dangling the carrot not close enough, soon this donkey is going to be a gonner

From your perspective as just one spoke on the wheel of life

long forgotten will be a listed name, appearing in the archive

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Your style is very interesting.

It's good to share/release ones thoughts through poetry, it increases ones artistic character and forces on to think about their nature and understanding of life.

It all takes courage for one to share their poetry with the public.

"surrendering to another human being – a master/slave thing going on

wouldn't it be better to get all the spiritual advice from a book at Amazon?"


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