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Shaheed Bhai Taru Singh Jee

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October 8, 1745

Bhai Taru Singh's scalp was removed by orders of Nawab Zakaria Khan.

Nawab Zakaria Khan's orders were carried out and Bhai Taru's scalp was removed. On Harbhagat Naranjania's complaint, Bhai Taru Singh of his village was arrested and accused of providing rations to the Sikhs. Bhai Taru Singh admitted the facts. Nawab Zakaria Khan ordered the removal of his scalp. Bhai Taru Singh said that the Governor would suffer as much torture. And Bhai Taru would take Zakaria Khan along with him to the other world.

Upon carrying out Nawab's orders, Zakaria Khan's urinary system stopped functioninh, puttiung him in great pain. The Qazi addressed Bhai Taru Singh "Oh Kafir, what have you done? The Nawab can't urinate. He is in great pain." Bhai Taru Singh told him to take his shoe and beat it on Zakaria's head to make him urinate. On the fifth day of shoe beating, Zakaria Khan died on July 1, 1745. on hearing of that the same day Bhai Taru Singh left his mortal remains.

Now innocent Sikhs were being killed. Thum Sahib Girdwara in Kartarpur, Jallandar, was burned down. Here the brave Bhai Bagh Singh Halowalia killed Kutabdin, responsible for this desecration.

After Jakaria Khan, his son Yahiha Khan took control of Lahore. His brother Shah Niwaj Khan became the commander of Jallander and started edging for controling Lahore.

-Ref. "Amritsar Ji Dae Darshan Eshnan Utay 500 Sala Di Ethasak Directory," Satnam Singh Khalsa Advocate, pp 78.

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