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Happy Gurpurab

Mehtab Singh

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Bhatt Bal in Svaiyay Mehl 5 on Ang 1406

hm Avguix Bry eyku guxu nwhI AMimRqu Cwif ibKY ibKu KweI ]

ham avagun bharae eaek gun naahee a(n)mrith shhaadd bikhai bikh khaaee ||

I am overflowing with sins and demerits; I have no merits or virtues at all. I abandoned the Ambrosial Nectar, and I drank poison instead.

mwXw moh Brm pY BUly suq dwrw isau pRIiq lgweI ]

maayaa moh bharam pai bhoolae suth dhaaraa sio preeth lagaaee ||

I am attached to Maya, and deluded by doubt; I have fallen in love with my children and spouse.

ieku auqm pMQu suinE gur sMgiq iqh imlµq jm qRws imtweI ]

eik outham pa(n)thh suniou gur sa(n)gath thih mila(n)th jam thraas mittaaee ||

I have heard that the most exalted Path of all is the Sangat, the Guru's Congregation. Joining it, the fear of death is taken away.

iek Ardwis Bwt kIriq kI gur rwmdws rwKhu srxweI ]4]58]

eik aradhaas bhaatt keerath kee gur raamadhaas raakhahu saranaaee ||4||58||

Keerat the poet offers this one prayer: O Guru Raam Daas, save me! Take me into Your Sanctuary! ||4||58||

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