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  1. Mehtab, I completely agree. I have experienced similar feelings and experiences since growing my kesh. akalbir
  2. very beautiful picture. actually Ali is the son in law and cousin of Muhamed (pbuh) According to Shiites, Muhamed chose Ali as his succesor in leadership. There was a power play etc. BUT the Shiites split following Imam Ali as leader. The rest is history. akalbir
  3. hehe....actually i already blocked them.... I figure they must be playing games or are have gone mad and think they are so elevated.. If they were so omniscient, they would know that I have only recently embraced sikhism and will take amrit in 2 months.. akalbir
  4. I've suddenly been getting emails from a Sikh. First email was this. "Are you a real gurmukh or a manmukh?" I replied asking if I knew him/her. They replied that only waheguru knows them etc....They continued with a message acting as if they were some sant. I replied again that I would like to know who they are and why they felt they should email and preach to me. I got another reply stating that if I would have looked into my heart I would know who they are. They kept on as if they were some sant that was preach at me. Has anyone been recieveing or ever recieved such an email? I'll keep the email address of the person private. If you think you have recieved emails from the same person pm me and we can compare email addys.
  5. I knew someone would take my words out of context eventually. akalbir I wasn't saying that "I" think Sikhs need to get with the times. I was saying that "Many Sikhs" think this. They think that the kakars are for times gone by and are no longer relevant. This however is not my belief. My point was that we should stop worrying about other people and their religious beliefs. We first need to worry about the status of the Sikh panth. There is much to be done about instilling a love for Sikhi in the Sikhs. akalbir
  6. Yes Nirgun, but we must pose a question. Is sleep Paralysis actually a real phenomenon or is it merely the only explanatoin available to science because they are not able to except paranormal experiences as valid? akalbir
  7. It's not the fact that others want to convert Sikhs that we should be aware of. It's the reason Sikhs are vulnerable to conversion that we should be aware of. It's their lack of faith. All of us in these forums tha take the time to discuss things and learn from each other should be actively doing what we can to enliven the Sikh Panth, starting with our communities. It's this that will do more good than keepimg watch for who is trying to convert whom. Sikhs first need to finish their conversion to Sikhi. akalbir
  8. This has also happened to me. I used to work in a home for youth in detention. There was quite a bit of ghost activity there and all my coworkers also had experienced many things. I chanted mool mantra and guru mantra over and over one night when I was there. After that noone experienced any more ghost activities. As far as praying out loud or in your mind, I would personally pray outloud. In my mind it shows the entity you are taking control. akalbir
  9. I don't think anyone can say it is sleep paralysis. I have my doubts about the label that science has put on it anyway. As I mentioned before, out of the many many times it has happened to me, I was only asleep one time. I do agree with the rest of your post however.
  10. does this surprise you? It doesn't surprise me. Knowing the basics of Islam it;s obvious muslims would come to this conclusion. Why should we even care? It is their religious belief. We know the truth about Guru Nanak dev ji. Instead of worring what others religious beliefs are, Sikhs should worry about why so many Sikhs are giving up kesh. They should wonder why so many Sikhs aren't taking amrit. Why so many think that Sikhism needs to get with the times and get rid of kakars. This is what lots of Sikhs are doing and thinking. We should put our energy and effort into enlivining the Sikh panth. So Sikhs will proudly show their Sikhism and join the Khalsa fold. I've always wondered why so many Sikhs worry about muslims so much. akalbir
  11. the problem with science is that all experiences are chalked up to be physical or phsychosomatic. Although these are possibilities, science will not allow explanations of ghosts or spirits. From the article above, it looks as thoug science has yet again explained away a phenomenon as some physical problem. So how will we know if it is a physical problem or an actual paranormal event? Do we listen to religious leaders descroptions of the same events in others, or do we listen to science? This is a whole discussion for another thread. My advice is only what I've experienced to work. You must overcome your fear. Naam will protect you. You are a Singh! Continue simran and naam jaap. Continue your spiritual growth. Show the entity whos boss. It will leave you alone when you show it it has failed. This is what has worked for me. Wether it will work for you is yet to be seen. akalbir
  12. If it was sleep paralysis you'd have to be asleep to have it happen. Of the many many times it has happened to me, only once had I been asleep when it happened. The rest of the time I had just gotten in bed and hadn't even closed my eyes yet. When it first happened to me, I perservered in my simran, jap and spiritual growth. After a while it stopped. Now every few years it happens again, but only once at a time. When it happens now It doesn't provoke fear in me. It is a sort of spiritual battle that I must fight. If it's true that it happens to certain people that are undergowing spiritual growth, then I know I'm on the right path. akalbir
  13. I had the same thing before as well...I even heard it's growlings and chattering in my ear before. Usually it would be forced away when i start thinking Waheguru or Har Har in my mind then I could gradually start to speak it out loud. I haven't had problems like this for a while. There are no ayurveds here so thats out of the question for me. I spoke with quite a few religious leaders from different religions about it. They all seem to say the same things. When you are startiing to grow spiritually this happens to scare you away. Jewish Rabbis said that it usually happens to religious people or those that are becoming more spiritual and are meant to do something of some sort. Some also said that it is a hungry ghost type being that sees a person with strong energy and light, so they try to take some from them. I really don't know what it is, but It's a little scary, thats for sure. akalbir
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