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  1. The girls never take any notice to this...... They've got a mind of thir own..... I can tell you stories.... it make me sick....
  2. wow, thats a heated article..... these people have to much time on there hands... I read the first 2 lines and straight thought this guys bored.... B for Bin Laden and B for Bhindrwale... when his name is actually Osama Bin Landen and Bhindrawale is a name of pind, as his actual name was Jarnail!!! Ohh my god
  3. I tell you some of this stuff makes my sick... the bottom line is nothings going ot be donw about this!
  4. Intresting post...... however, you have to realise that the biggest market who watch these people outside of india are Punjabi sikhs etc etc..... Punjabi music is the in thing and therefore the directors seem to think by giving their films a punjabi touch their film will do better... i.e. music a singh etc etc.... I do feel finally bollywood has recognised Sikhs and Punjabis as a force in India.... look at the Bhagat singh.. there were 3 versions made about the same person. I have never seen this happen before, even about Ghandhi.
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