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  1. WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh. I often write poems. I have composed more than 2000 poems till date. My poems are internationally published in renowned journals. I also have my poetry book published. Recently my poems have been published in http://www.sikhspectrum.com/022008/ek.htm I am selling my poetry book at my site: http://nutracists.com/Entertainment.php If you are Sikh, I shall be glad to provide you with my autographed book at 75% discount. The book holds philosophy and poetry inspired by the philosophical approach of Maskin ji. I therefore feel that every Sikh must read it. Some of my poems are as under: Live a life Only if you can strive Not for the good of self But for the self to be good. * * * * * A moment’s joy An age’s despair Life your ways Are unfair. * * * * * In the difference Between fair and material Swings the human mind and soul, Fate plays a game And swing breaks Man falls to breathe Material world in grief. * * * * * With bright sunshine When good time arrives Ordinary smiles. * * * * * They rejoice on gain of loaf They share pleasure of their own Innocent, they believe Just though it is Life needs meal Air to breathe Love to share Hope to dream. * * * * * You love and you realize Sorrows are no surprise. * * * * * Life serves no roof Many in search of secure death. * * * * * Poems written by Ekta Kaur Kalra