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  1. ok, thanks, thats nice to know.. it did seem a little over the top, anyone else have any thoughts on that? also what about tea,etc. then, is a sikh allowed it? thankss
  2. hello, there, im newbie to this forum and also am just a learner of sikhi. I get very confused nowadays with alot of things, like for example how far are we meant to take the idea of boojar kurehits (i hope i spelt that right).For example what about things like tea are they allowed? Also, how far does the vegetarianism go? One thing I read on this forum http://gurmatbibek.com/forum/read.php?3,4559 they were scared that the kirpan used to bless the food might have been treated with something animal (But not even the food itself), is something like that really a boojar kurehit? Ive got mroe questions, just I wanted to ask about a few stumbling blocks i found...
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