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  1. Good Afternoon,

    From 1 to 4 year i was trying to search a book about anhad nad, then i read a paragraph written by you but still i am aware about these this .

    How to Hear it ?, Exercise, Shifting Awareness, Listening the Sound Current, Following the Sound Current in hindi.

    Please suggest and guide about this how to fell the presence of God.





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      Dear Friend,

      There are loads of posts in the meditation thread of this forum about anhad naad. I'm am no teacher or experienced enough in anyway to teach anyone. Everything I know and have experienced to date has been shared somewhat in the posts on this forum. Please take sometime to read the posts and those of others. You will gain many insightful tips of the journey we are on and guidance we have obtained from our Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib, and by speaking to others who also have some knowledge of this spiritual subject.

      To get to anhad sounds one has to learn to still the chatter of the mind. Using the aid of a mantra and by paying close attention to the sound of the mantra the continuous chatter of the mind begins to calm. When the wondering of the mind ceases then grace happens of it's own accord and slowly by slowly one begins to hears inner sounds. Sometimes they are subtle and faint and sometimes  they are loud and spontaneous. When they are loud then one should seek a teacher who can offer some guidance on which sounds should be listened to and which should be ignored. 

      There are also a few books on this topic in the downloads section. Please feel free to download and read,

      Which book have you been reading?