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  1. 5 day simran abhiyas camp started. Live broadcast of all sessions.
  2. Now listen to what Bhai Simranjit Singh ji is teaching on the subject.
  3. Gone full circle. Bhai Dharamjit Singh ji also hinting at same technique.
  4. Taking it to the next level and becoming ik drisht explained and how to see mind’s jot.
  5. Check out this little girl. Amazing that she is on the path at such a young age. listen what she says at 23 mins.
  6. Subtle jugti of Saas saas simran revealed and how it helps balance the breath (sum the pavan/poan)
  7. Have a listen to this short video especially the bit where he talks about the early anhad sounds around 10 minutes in.
  8. Good video. Explains how anhad shabad draws you to back of head. How you see gold as you enter dasam duar and what Parkash of Waheguru looks like.
  9. Useful stages explained of how to seperating from pawan. 1. No thoughts but aware of body 2. Merging into sunn and losing body awareness. Like falling asleep. 3. No thought's, aware of body and also hear anhad sounds. 4. Hear anhad sounds but also aware you have lost body attachment i.e sleep and are in sehaj.
  10. From my understanding one should only move to trikute when doing dhyan of listening to anhad or looking at the nirgun/sunn/darkness. Gurmantar jaap should be done at lower levels like in front of mouth, throat, heart or nabhi.
  11. Can’t say I have ever heard that. They do say don’t just treat it as geet for it contains Brahmgyan. But we won’t appreciate the depths of the words until someone with higher insights explains the subtle hints contained within the words. Most just read and sing over them.
  12. Do you feel drawn to one particular persons teaching you have heard who you feel will show me the path? If you do , then take instructions from them and then just do the practical. Try not to look at every teachers preaching. This is very hard to do. I’m still fighting the urge myself to not listen to others, because I can spend hours listening but not doing. Give one teacher an opportunity to guide you for a while and see how you get on. Don’t just collect gyan from all because when simran starts gyan needs to be forgotten and if you have too much teaching in your head it just makes going
  13. You probably know enough already to walk quite far down this journey. Now work on the practical building not the theoretical understanding unless you need your battery charging. I should also practice what I preach HaHa. You shouldn't really have too many questions for Gurmukhs unless your having simran problems or experiences that you want to share or discuss with them. Honestly they get fed up with people calling them all the time. Don't become one of those. Keep it once every few weeks or months. Then they love to hear from you, and see how your getting on. Just shows them you not one
  14. The only advice I'm going to give is be very careful about listening to too many different people on how to do bhagti. I know we all look for shortcuts to move forward quickly. Your going to become so confused about which technique to follow and use and not going to get anywhere. Trust me on this one because it happens to me all the time. All that happens is we are collecting gyan from everyone like taking a karchi from every pateela. We are just sinking in the gyan and that is becoming a hindrance for us to progress and we don't have enough practical to match on each path. Pick one teacher a
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