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  1. Recovered now thanks. Waheguru’s grace.
  2. That is exactly what he is saying. That is I why I posted it in this thread. If you sit in any practical session of gurmukhs they will say focus on the inner part of the ears and listen to whatever sound you hear. This is where the journey all begins…. It is so relevant to the very first few posts I made from the book years ago in this very thread. Now the same is being clearly said by our own people who follow this path of shabad and surat.
  3. That source is from Gurmat Meditation channel run by Bhai Dharamjeet Singh. You can hear his voice in the video. I don't think they would have posted if they not see the resemblance. From what I kind of understand the more you listen to them the more clear they will become and you will come to realise they were not crickets but more profound shabads all along. I have heard this from a number of different sources. We associate them to crickets like because our mind is not still. The more the mind stabilises by listening the more louder and clear the sounds will become. Rest is Waheguru's kirpa ji.
  4. I didn’t know the 3 stages of the Rare Wale shaan was based upon the following 3 dharna shabads. Bhai Jatinder Singh ji explains. Stage 1. Asa laaga jivaan piyaraa, chir bayho darshan dekhe Stage 2. Mere man prem lego Har teer Stage 3. Tu Dharyo Tu, Dhana bina dhana bina, tu dharyo tu. There are other variations he explains. Those interested in learning the dharna shaan dholki should watch videos in the series.
  5. Not kirtan roop but never the less it’s probably close to what it sounds like, see time index 17:15
  6. Bhai Sahib explains very clearly about developing pyaar for anhad shabads and not falling asleep when trying to listen to them.
  7. I’m feeling much better now. Nothing unusual noticed after 2nd shot of vaccine. My lungs feel better that I can now handle cold drinks again and even eat ice cream. My wife on the other hand is not having it so easy. She seems to have very low stamina these days. Walking very slow in particular when walking up stairs. I think it may have impacted her lungs quite badly. Thanks for asking bro.
  8. I was doing Abhiyas in sangat few years ago. A strong force came behind me and pushed my spine in so hard, making me sit up straight. It wasn’t someone walking by. Freaked me out a bit.
  9. That's good. Just keep swallowing it and take it as Waheguru's parshaad. Waheguru ji, I don’t share my number because I don’t feel like I’m of any high avasta to be able to guide others. That comes with great responsibility and one must know exactly what they are doing. Playing with people’s spiritual lives is no joke. If I know of something then I’ll share here as will others who come forward in a general capacity. There are plenty of gurmukhs now available who openly welcome 1 to 1 guidance and I humbly request you reach out to one of them. Try on gurmat meditation who I would recommend you try first. See other thread on how to connect to their platform.
  10. Isn’t @harsharan000 posting under @SunnySingh account these days?
  11. I'm hearing a lot recently about breath retention with simran i.e. kumbakh from a number of different sources. I heard about this many years ago but never gave much attention to it. Gurbani contains the pangti: When the breath was held in jab kumbhak bharipur leenaa. then the anhad sound began to vibrate. tah baajay anhad beenaa. Sant Waryam Ji Singh gave this instruction. Left Inhale 3 recitations of Waheguru Hold (x2) 6 recitations of Waheguru Exhale 3 recitations of Waheguru Guru Maa gave this instruction (number represents the number of times you recite the mantar). Start with the lowest set then work yourself up as your endurance increases. Inhale 1 2 3 Hold 4 8 12 Exhale 8 16 24 Hold 2 4 6 Bhai Simranjeet Singh Tohana and other gurmukhs from Gurmat Meditation are also saying that one should practice this breath retention when thoughts are causing issues. They don't give counts but just say do what is comfortable for each individual. e.g. Inhale, hold breath at navel and jap Waheguru as many times as you can, then exhale. Take few normal breaths then repeat. Anyone doing this is part of their practice? I'm not very good at it as my lungs are not that good at holding the breath. Probably need to practice slowly.
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