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  1. Your nearly there bro with the head drops, just that your going in for only a few seconds. It’s just like falling asleep. I can’t describe it any other way. Like you just vanished. Sometimes you can feel yourself slowly drifting into that state and sometimes it’s quick and you were not aware when it happened, only when you come back round. Can’t say I’m feeling any ras from it though, hence my confusion. From what I understood from her response if you went into that state without thoughts and had no dreams in that state then it's sehaj, otherwise you fallen into bhav sagar.
  2. I've been listening to Bhai Simranjeet's Tohana recordings and following points stood out to me. Thought I would share. You can find the original recordings here : From recording 6-April-2021: 1st yudh is with thoughts in the mind and this battle is fought with the Gurmantar. 2nd yudh is with falling asleep at dev lok stage whilst we are trying to listen to anhad shabads and merge in Sach. The dhoots try and put us in sleep and dreams to stop us progressing. When you hear crickets (bhinday), birds chirping, sehaj dhun this is the first stage of dev lok avasta.
  3. I’ve had the first dose. Can’t say I felt great after having it. Had fever for 2 days and my arm was swollen for over a week. I would take my chances with vaccine over getting COVID again.
  4. This post just hit the nail on the head. When beginners start the jaaps all the emphasis is put on the number of repetitions and we believe that if your repeat x number then it will bare fruits. We have discussed this concept of dhun Mei dhyan in a number of threads especially the meditation experiences thread. Yes you will definitely gain benefit of learning to devote x amount of time to jaaps but was it done with full dhyan and concentration? Probably not because your trying to race to the finish line and just be done with it. We have all made this mistake when we didn’t know any b
  5. That line brother can be interpreted as the ik shabad it is referring to is the sound of naam, and when you reach the avasta of hearing it all the time you will not enter reincarnation again. There are other pangtis that also state this.
  6. Not quite anulom-vilom. He quotes the pangti sūr sar sōs lai sōm sar pōkh lai jugat kar marat s sanabandh kījai . Heat up the sun energy of the right nostril, and cool down the moon energy of the left nostril; practicing this breathcontrol, bring them into perfect balance. He is only inhaling via right nostril (sun) and exhaling via left (moon). You do not alternate.
  7. Sample session by Bibi Parminder Kaur Ji of Gurmat Meditation.
  8. Worth listening Gurmukho. Explains how to jap gurmantar and how to switch to anhad when mind goes to sunn. Anhad shabads explained etc. What sehaj dhun sounds like... Bibi Parminder Kaur Ji_20210328.m4a
  9. Bhai Balbir Singh warns against trying to awaken Kundalini or if your experiencing spinning sensation internally or hearing it. https://www.facebook.com/100003234266996/posts/3836247373159700/
  10. This is Simranjeet Singh Tohana's Telegram group : https://t.me/pmkctohana
  11. Take laha gurmukho. The knowledge they are openly sharing in the practical sessions is very hard to come by. Don't waste the opportunity. You can sit in sangat from the comfort of your own home 24 hours a days given the current covid situation. There are some really blessed souls who have met Waheguru doing simran seva. You can hear the viraag in the voices when they come back from that union. Even listening to the Q&A you can only just bow down in awe to some of the sangat's experiences. Really inspiring group of Gurmukhs and you know what they don't hold information back.
  12. This is the Telegram group run by Bhai Amrik Singh (Gurmat Meditation). Waheguru Tera Shukar Hai: https://t.me/joinchat/NH950E3EJJQ2Yjg1 He does Akath Katha at the following times (India Standard Time, IST): 6 to 6:30am 5 to 5:30pm 8 to 9pm Rest of the time his students are japping gurmantar.
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