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  1. Wallpapers of Ganesha & Family http://t.co/oqD5DJUuzR

    1. GtLoc


      Gtfo punjab, and tbis world. Your religion is a chapli created by English.

  2. Be aware of your actions- Learn from Ganesha http://t.co/Em16UtPhFY

  3. Viral Content Buzz Does Social Media Sharing, Gangnam Style http://t.co/iZpzOtOTLe RT @viralcontentbuz

  4. To appease the god, its important to perform the right rituals! Pray the right way by learning the rituals of Lord... http://t.co/7LmUcZO4eg

  5. Is Ganesha only worshipped by the Hindus? http://t.co/7HuE48VMAb

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