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  1. Firstly, Crystal, thank you for posting that intriguing and insightful video. I had always thought Nidar Singh was gonna bring out a Shastar vidya book very shortly, because in the multimedia section of his website (including the old site which you can view via Wayback Machine), he demonstrates various armed and unarmed techniques. Whilst being filmed, you can see the flashes of a camera. I presumed photos were being taken for a book. Also, when Harjit Singh interviewed him for Martial Arts Illustrated, Nidar Singh mentioned a series of Shastar vidya books that he'd be coming out wit
  2. Hi chatanga1. Many thanks for your response. Yes, the Agni Purana contains four chapter (248-252) on martial techniques, including the use of the paash (noose/lasso), vajra (double-ended mace), shakti (javelin), mall yuddh (combat wrestling), etc. I never knew myself till I read Harjit's Shastar vidya book. The modern English translation of the Agni Puran is a condensed versions, so it doesn't contain the whole four chapters on combat and warfare. Personally, I dislike abridged books, because you will never be able to truly appreciate the original. Imagine if someone condensed the Guru G
  3. Thank you for welcoming me, brother. I have been looking into Shastar vidya for quite a while now (just very intrigued by Indian martial arts). Here are some of my thoughts/conclusions as per your request: Firstly, there's Gatka. Many believe this is the traditional martial art of Kshatriyas and/or the Sikhs. However, this could be incorrect. There are no mentions of it in historical Hindu or Sikh writings. Gatka might just be the martial dance of the Muslim Hazara people. They way the move (check them out on YouTube) is quite fast and precise. It seems like its been in their culture
  4. Hello, brother. Here is the link to Baba Gian Singh's Shastar vidya booklet. It was posted by a certain Gatka group: http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/bd5529_0ad27fa7939c47ccb5faf521ecfb0ac4.pdf By the way, while I can fluently speak Punjabi, I cannot read or write it. Could someone please translate the techniques section into English. It’s not easy to find a Punjabi-reader to sit by you and translate a booklet.
  5. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahguru Ji Ki Fateh! I love books on Indian martial arts, which are quite rare. The following is a list of about a dozen Indian martial arts books I have read. Please kindly post the titles and info of any books you know of. Thanks! The Art of Gatka Fighting - Authored by K. S. Akali in 1936. More sports-like than martial arts-like. Just some soti techniques. Pentra seems incorrect. Gatka: Book 1 - Dance of the Sword - Authored by Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa. First published in the mid 1980s. Kalarippayat - Authored by Dick Luijendijk. Published in 2008.
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