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  1. Yah but Sikhism practices Sikhi right? I mean, can you 100% say that the last 8 gurus, what they molded Sikhi into, that guru Nanak would approve all of it. Hard to tell, but it changed, and everyone accepted it with each new change n teachings. So whatever it is today, is what it is - a religion. The fact that 500 years ago it was something else is totally irrelevant today.
  2. To me sikhi is a religion. Its organized, has a place of worship, culture, rituals, a form of baptism, a peaceful belief in a higher being. Some people try to separate sikhi from the abrahamic religions, and call it a way of life. So if not a religion then it would seem very cult like (not being disrespectful) just saying. Im a born sikh. But for the last few years I've see myself more of a atheist. On the other site, when I questioned or posted a different view of thinking, they being the seniors, would get very small and ignorant, and judgmental. Sorry for the mini rant, jus
  3. For some time I've posted and been active on Sikh Philosophy Network site. They have a "Hard Discussions" section, and whenever I tried posting anything, one of their long time senior members, would downplay my posts and say things like Sikhi isn't a religion, and that we don't have a god (at least not the way other religions identify God as a person). He would try portray Sikhi as just a way of life and not a religion. I always reply that, that's his own opinion, and I would think that the majority of the sangath worldwide would agree with me. I've given up much hope on that website. It
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