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  1. Jainism begins with a serious concern for human soul in its relationship with the laws governing existence in the universe with other living beings and to its own future state in eternity. First and foremost it is a religion of the heart the golden rule is Ahimsa or nonviolence in all parts of a person mental verbal and physical. Jains have deep compassion for all forms of life. Jainism offers a quiet overwhelmingly serious way of live a cultural insistence oncompassion a society of ethics that has dramatically changed the world and will contine to effect change. Jainism is an ecologically
  2. Concept of G-D Philosophy of Karma (Nine Tattvas) Jive (Soul or Living being Substance) Ajiva (non-living) Substances Asrava (cause of the influx of Karma) Bandha (Bondage of Karma) Punya (virtue) Pap (sin) Samvara (stoppage of karma) Nirijara (exhaustion of the attached karma) Moksha (liberation) Application of Karma Philosophy Path of Liberation Right perception (Samyak darsana) Right Knowledge (Samyak Jnana) Right conduct (Samyak Charitra) Jain Ethics Great vows (Maha-vratas) of ascetics Vows of householders Five Samitis (rules of preservation) ten supreme virtues
  3. I know that most Shia and Sunnis don't think the Qadiani are Muslims but what about the Lahore Ahmadis they don't think Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is a prophet. This is not just for Muslims if any of my Sikh brother have anything to say feel free.
  4. Sat Sri Akal You can use Shalom brother it is the Hebrew word for peace.
  5. Shalom I am new I hope to make some good online friends
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