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  1. Fateh drawrof, long time no see anyways,

    "His focus is bhagtee, no doubt" - How can u say that when from what uve said all his focus seems to be on himself...

    I experienced alot of what he had experienced and know that he was able to ignite something in people, but everything became twisted with him and he enjoyed the power and fame.

    Someone who turns to their ego, cannot do simran or bhagtee of vaheguru, they can only do bhagtee and simran of themselves, as u can see from the site etc

    I shouldnt trust what u felt that u experienced or that u felt that he knew something, because when it came down to it...all he knows is his ego...

    and that is placed in between him and vaheguru...

    no man who does that, can ever ignite anything in anyone...

    I can rip a page out of guru granth sahib every day and clean my ass with it and nothing will happen to me - mega ego...

    talk about beadbi of gurbani and guruji...

    no singh...the guy has no focus on vaheguru...or anything other than himself

  2. About this katha I would like to add some clarifications in reponse to some criticism on the sukhsagar radio website:

    1. The mangalacharan was indeed from Bhai Nand Lal's Ganjnama, which is a Persian work. The opening lines of many Persian works do nevertheless start in Arabic. The line I have used was:

    sultan al awal wa al akhir

    basar al batin wa al zahir

    You probably have noticed that this verse uses the Arabic idhafa (possessive) instead of the Persian idhafa which would have been:

    sultan i awal etc... basar i batin etc...

    So it is Arabic indeed. Persian literature is full of worksthat start with Arabic openings. The Ganjnama follows this principle.

    Everyone knows that the Ganjnama is in Persian but its opening lines are in Arabic as just shown above.

    Learn Arabic and Persian before you accuse someone of making mistakes.

    2. Regarding my pronounciation, I can only say that I did my best but my concentration was highly affected by my headache. My apologies, will try to do better next time.

    3. I have never been, am not and never will be a Shia Muslim. I am an amritdhari Singh who just appreciates truth wherever it is found. May I just remind you that Pir Buddhu Shah was a Shia and that the sword of Imam Ali (as) is conserved in Keshgarh Sahib.Think twice before writing non-sense!

    with love

    Bahadur Singh

    btw. slander is most welcome, it increases my kamai 8)

    you shudnt have said that, now no1 will slander you lol :LOL:

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