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Bhai Amritpal Singh ji met Baba Balbeer Singh Ji on 29.09.2007 and requested for the same so as a result we find updating.

Main reason das finds for opposition to Baba Ji is due to these facts.

1.He is an out caste(Vratya).

2.He is not oppose to let out caste(Chandalas ie Ramdasiyas and Majhabis) have same bowl of amrit as other castes have.

3.He allows Chandalas to sit in same Langer as other castes.

4.He allows them to enter the Bibecki kitchen.

5.He has no opposition for Dasyus(people from non Hindu Back ground ie MUslims,Christians or Jews or black or white under going baptim with Budhadal).

inspite of being from Jaat Father das is with this out caste Jathedar.Salute him.ready to die for him if needed.

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