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Difference between Sikh and Khalsa


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Can anybody sugget difference between sikh and khalsa? If any non sikh starts reading SGGS and believing in it (he is not aware of rehatnama and Dasam Granth), would he be sikh? Does he has to carry 5Ks? Does he need to get baptize to become a sikh? Where is the line between sikh and khalsa?

laal singh

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Dont want to get too contoversial just want to keep it very simple. Khalsa and Sikh are both followers of Guru. However when you read gurbani, sikh refers to learner/jaigaso and khalsa refers to atamgyani, atam rasiya, even though khalsa and sikh are both followers of guru yet khalsa avastha is consider higher than sikh, sikh belongs to learning stage, khalsa belongs to bhramgyan stage. In gurbani these terms are relative.

Here is an example of sikh from gurbani, guru ji giving updesh to jaigaso:

Gur Satgur Ka Jo Sikh Akhaai So Bhalke Uth Har Naam Dhiyawai.

Udham Kare Bhalke Parbhati Isnan Kare Amritsar Naawai.

Updes Guru Har Har Jap Jaape Sabh Kilwikh Pap Dokh Leh Jaawai.

Phir Chare Diwas Gurbani Gaawai Behndean Uthdean Har Naam Dhiyawai.

Jo Sas Giras Dhiyae Mera Har Har So Gur Sikh Guru Man Bhaawai.

Jis No Dyal Howai Mera Soami Tis Gursikh Guru Updesh Sunawai.

Jan Nanak Dhur Mange Tis Gur Sikh Ki Jo Aap Jape Awreh Naam Japaawai. (305)


Here is an example of khalsa from gurbani (sri sarbloh granth), guru ji describing khalsa:

Atam Ras Neh Jannehi Sio Haie Khalas Dev,

Prab Meh Mo Meh Tas Meh Ranchak Naeh Bhaid(v) ||

The one who has entered the sphere of atma(self), he alone is worthy of the title of the khalsa, he becomes one with me the guru and ultimately God.There is no difference.

Khalsa and sikh are two different terms if we do vichar on those two quotes, above quote- guru is giving updesh to sikh, if you wish to be called sikh of the guru, get up in amritvela and recite naam on amrit vela, do udham(try). I dont think above quote is refer to khalsa who is been described as atamrassaie in 2nd quote because atamgyani/atamrasaie/bhramgyani already tasted atam ras, amrit ras and is fully imbued in naam, there is noo need for him/her to udham or get up, gurmukh samadhi in atam ras is nirodh is ever lasting, naam is running 24/7- rom rom har dhavaie.

Now question if terms sikhs/khalsa only refers to elite amritdhari is open to interpertation, it all depends, how much you think/vichar out of box, how much you khoj, how much you try to manage decipher sikh sants uchi soochni via almast mahapursh ramja.

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