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Anandmurti Guruma and link with nirmale


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I was listening to last bit of katha of jaap sahib. All of sudden anandmuri guruma start talking about nirmale, she seems to know the full history of nirmale, talks about their contributions to the humanity but then she start talking about her personal expereinces with nirmale. She said when she was in teen, she spent quite a bit of time with nirmale. Sri Mahant was soo impressed by her efforts, seva and gyan that sri mahant nirmala said- if you are not a woman, i would have given you my gaddi, that completely threw her off, she was shocked at his comments, she said its very sad sri mahant who claimed he was nirmala, talks about gyan avastha in and out all day along yet have dvaish towards women and have chamdristi instead of bhramdristi. Atma is above of all. That was end of her journey with nirmale mahapursh.

She said many people tried to link her with vedant school of thoughts/vedant sampardas out there, many have tried to link me with hindu school of thoughts, nirmale. But she clarifies further she does not have any link with any specific samaprda's only with one jaat which is jaat of khuda.

My question here is this expereince she went through is once very blue moon or most of sri mahant (jathedars) of nirmale upsamparda's have this kind of dvaish mentality?

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