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Christian school apologises for banning turbans !

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Christian school apologises for ban on wearing turbans by Sikh students

MANU LAKHOTRA - Punjabnewsline

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

CHANDIGARH: The Sikh organisations on Wednesday held a dharna and demonstration against a christian school at Mohali, protesting Principal's action of banning three Sikh students from attending classes, who came to school wearing turbans on Tuesday.

The dharna was lifted after school management apologised for its action.Hardip Singh member SGPC while speaking at protest rally said that Sikhs were fighting for wearing turban in Europe especially in countries like France but it is most unfortunate that Sikhs were being descriminated in their home country. He said that such actions convey wrong picture of Sikh rituals all over the world.

The management of the Lawrence Public School on Wednesday withdrew its orders and Principal Veena Malhotra also tendered an apology from Sikh bodies. "I apologise if setiments of Sikh commuity are hurt", she told protesting Sikhs.

She said as per the school dress code, students up to Class X were to wear "patka". Only students of Classes XI and XII could wear turbans. She said the decision was taken after some parents had requested the authorities not to make turban compulsory as a lot of time was needed to tie it. She had attributed the the action to decipline of school.

Three Class X students were not allowed to enter their classroom yesterday because they had come to the school wearing turbans. The students said they had been coming to the school with turbans for the past five days, but today their teacher did not allow them to enter the classroom. They were allegedly made to stand outside the class for sometime and later sent to the sick room.

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