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Movie on Amritsar. Are you featuring?

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Your Appointment With History

For the first time in the country, “Burning Brain Society” (an N.G.O.) is producing a movie on Amritsar, “The City of Golden Temple.” Amritsar, which is the spiritual capital of Punjab, did not figure prominently on the world map but recently when the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) rated it as one of the 50 most exciting and “Must See” places of the world, Amritsar gained the world's attention and all what was rightfully due to it.

As a project to popularize our cultural heritage sites aided by the added attention and interest of the world in Amritsar, it was decided that Burning Brain Society shall produce a movie which shall also be carried on a (Video Compact Disc) VCD and distributed all across the globe. Besides, a run of the movie is also planned on Satellite channels.

This special VCD on Amritsar shall be titled

“Amritsar, The City of Golden Temple.”

We offer you an opportunity to be a part of history.

To Know More, Please send an E-Mail at burningbrainindia@yahoo.com

or contact at the below mentioned address

Call us at;


[Ext: 2711] or


to know how you can associate with us.

We also invite your contributions, which can be in the shape of;

**Any inputs about Amritsar

**Any book or material which you have

**Any rare picture which you have (If scanned at-least 300dpi)

**Any financial contribution

**Any business proposal w.r.t. distribution

**Any other business proposal

**Your Advance order for the VCD of the movie

(by the last four abovementioned modes we intend to cover the cost of the VCD; please note that we are not funded by any government or non-government agency)


The Golden Temple at Amritsar is voted as number 6 must-see destination.

Although this is the chief house of worship for Sikhs, and their most important pilgrimage site, you don’t have to be of the Sikh religion to be moved by the splendour of Amritsar’s Golden Temple, also known as Sri Hari Mandir Sahib or Sri Darbar Sahib.

Under instructions from Guru Amar Das Sahib, this city was founded by Guru Ram Das Sahib in 1574. The temple itself was begun in 1604 by Guru Arjun, then destroyed by Afghan invaders on more than one occasion and rebuilt in marble and copper in the nineteenth century.

The temple is located on a small island in the centre of a pool called the amrit-sar ('pool of nectar') and is connected to land by a marble causeway.

The golden colour comes from the overlay of gold foil, hence the name.

Unfortunately the temple sustained further damage in 1984 at the hand of Indian troops, when Sikh extremists were using it as a refuge.

Patrolling guards are there to ensure that visitors respect the basic rules when visiting the temple. Shoes must not be worn, and heads must be covered. Tobacco and drugs are strictly forbidden, and photography is not permitted inside any of the shrines.

However, as long as the rules are respected, visitors of all religions are given a warm welcome.

Symbolically, it has entrances on all four sides to show that it is open to worshippers of all castes and creeds, and visitors are welcome to bathe in the purifying waters, listen to readings or simply admire the sunlight gleaming on the magnificent golden domes.


Burning Brain Society,

Glass Office, Hotel Shivalikview, Sector 17,

Chandigarh 160 017 INDIA

Telephone: +91-172-700001, 386546

E-Mail: burningbrainindia@yahoo.com

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