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Minority Sikhs in other States living in penury:

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Minority Sikhs in other States living in penury: Minority Commission

Pioneer News Service - Chandigarh - Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Harcharan Singh Josh, member minority commission of India on Monday said that Sikhs in some other States like Madhya Pardesh particularly in Tilangana and Gunadhar regions are living in pathetic condition.

Addressing a Press conference here, Josh said that he was preparing a report on the living condition of minority Sikhs in other states and he will send his report to the Prime Minister.

He said that he would also study the problems of Sikhs living in states of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh and will make part of his report.Josh stated that Sikh clans identified as Sikligar and Vanjare who were blessed by Guru Gobind Singh. They all are living outside Punjab.

Harcharan Singh Josh, said that most of them are living in penury and state government have not made any welfare plans for them.

He said that he had received 32 complaints of discrimination by members of minority communities from Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh.

Harcharan Singh Josh, said that he would raise the issue of ignoring Punjabi language in Chandigarh with the Punjab Governor and UT administrator.

He said that when Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh on October 29,2008 come to Takht Hazoor Sahib for Gurgadi diwas programme, he will present the report on Sikh minorities and will also take up issue of Chandigarh with him.

Taking up the issue of falling standard of education in Punjab and Haryana and scarcity of jobs for Sikhs in these states, he blamed the political leadership for these problems.

Harcharan Singh Josh, also demanded to probe the menace of drugs in school colleges in Punjab.

Harcharan Singh Josh, said that fighting drug menace should be the priority of Punjab Government.

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