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~ Ekta With Akaal Purkh Waley Shabad ~


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Listen to this shabad guys, totally blissful:

Couplet taken from sri akaal ustat sahib:

Jaisae Ek Aag Taie Knuooka Kout Aaag Otaie

Nayare Nayare Hoike Pher Aaag mein milahengaie ||

Jaise ek Dhoor taie Aneek Dhoor Poorat Hai

Dhoor Kaie Knuooka Pher Dhoor Hi Samahengaie ||

Jaise Ek Nad Tai Tarang Kuot Upjat Hai

Paan Kaie Tarang, Sabhai Paan Hi Kehangaie ||

Taisaie Basaiv Roop Tai Abhoot Bhot Pargat Hoi

Tahi Tai Upaj Sabhai Tahi mein Samahengaie ||

download link: right click and save target as:


see the full video to get a meaning :)... its sung by sant waryam singh ji maharaj ratwara sahib.

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