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Hazur sahib jhatka for tilak

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Hey guys i recently came across a link on youtube where they show a goat being beheaded by Nihangs and then taken inside Hajur Sahib and then the blood from the head of goat being put on the weapons that are there.

Apparently it has been happening there for 100s of years.

I personally think what is happening there is wrong and I dont see it as a part of sikhism and i totally refuse to believe that anywhere in our religion it says it is ok to kill innocent lives. below is the video that i watched. Please be aware that some people might find it a bit graphic. so WATCH IT ON OWN RISK... now the reason i have posted it here is to seek answers to why it is happening and how is it right to do that. so if anyone do know the answer to this please do reply back..



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