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Declaratio Urbi et Orbi

Morghe Sahar

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In Nomine Dei Misericordii

I just wish to take this opprtunity to apologize to the members of this forum for an excessive language I may have used as a response to personal attacks.Because I tend to take these personal attacks and attempts to expose me as whatever people wish to name it as not important I tend to reply in a way that can seem to be a pure waste of energy and time, which it is. In the past I had the habit not to respond to certain people's personal attacks by just ignoring them and I realize I should have kept it this way. So my sincere aplogies for falling to the trap of replying to these attacks. If anyone got offended my apologies. I also realize that some people will take this statement of mine to be another trick by the sly bahadur but I leave their opinions to themselves. I am not here to be liked or to be popular.

kind regards

Bahadur Ali Shah

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