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Jakara 2009 | Remember 1984 | Reflect. Respond. React.

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Jakara 2009 | Remember 1984 | Reflect. Respond. React.

June 18th-21st, 2009 | Fresno, CA


Despite the fact that many wish to forget the events that befell and have shaped the Sikh Nation, it is vital for the ‘next generation of Sikhs’ to be aware of our past and understand how it shapes our present and our future. While twenty-five years have passed since the attack on our sacred home, much has changed and much has remained the same. For the Nishan Sahib of our Nation to remain tall, it is for us to study our history, remember the past, and continue the fight for justice.

This year at Jakara, we will Remember 1984 and celebrate those Kaurs and Singhs that made the ultimate sacrifice for our Qaum.

Join us in Fresno as we Remember 1984: Reflect. Respond. React.



6–11:30pm Attendee Check–In

7pm – Beginning Ardas and Langar at Gurdwara Singh Sabha Fresno

7:30–8:30pm – Diwan at Gurdwara Sahib

9–12am – Ice Breaker / Lazer Tag


6–10am Continental Breakfast by Holiday Inn

8–9am Japji Sahib and Shabad Kirtan

10–10:30am Welcome/Introductions

10:30–12pm Remembering (A Contemporary Analogy)

12–1pm Presentations

1–2pm Lunch

2–3:30pm Reconnecting (Hearing the Voices)

3:30–5pm Reflecting (Gurbani Vichar)

5–6pm Recalling (Video)

6-6:30pm Conclusion

6:30–7pm Rehraas Sahib

7–9:30pm Picnic & Dinner at the Park

8:30pm Revering (Candelight Vigil for the Shaheeds)

10–11:00pm Movie Screening

11:30-1:30pm Bowling & Pool Activity


6–10am Continental Breakfast by Holiday Inn

9–10am Japji Sahib and Shabad Kirtan

10:30–11:30am Recognizing (Understanding the legacy on the Sikh Diaspora)

11:30–1pm Reaffirming (Creating a 1984 Charter)

1–2pm Lunch

2–2:45pm Recollecting (Panel Discussion)

2:45–3:15pm Reacting (Open Forum)

3:15–4pm Responding (Ways to Get involved)

4–5pm Realizing (Making a New Reality)

5–5:30pm Conclusion

5:30–6pm Rehraas Sahib

7–12am Formal Banquet & Talent Show


9–10am Japji Sahib and Shabad Kirtan

12–3pm Closing Banquet


Passionate about our community? Passionate about 1984? Want to learn more about 1984? Fill out the app now and be a facilitator at Jakara 2009. If you're interested, please fill out the application on the website.


www.jakara.org for more info

Registration for Jakara 2009 is NOW open. Spots area Limited, Register TODAY!

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