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Gurbani Anywhere

With great blessings from Akaal Purkh we are proud to present

Gurbani Anywhere v2.0

"a complete gurbani application in the palm of your hand"

Search Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji and Bhai Gurdas Ji Vaaran

anywhere using your mobile device

For more details and downloads please visit: http://www.gurbanianywhere.com

Notice: We are only human, so please forgive any mistakes, bugs or issues.

We would gratefully appreciate all feedback to help improve mistakes and software bugs.

The software has only been authorised to be hosted at http://www.gurbanianywhere.com for

release management. Can web site owners please refrain from hosting the software download file.

Can all feedback please be submitted on our forum at http://www.gurbanianywhere.com

and not on web forums as we will not be checking forums for feedback.

Please visit the site regularly as we are already planning future releases.

Thank you!

Gurbani Anywhere Team

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great project veerjio, just wanted to know if your project will support symbian s60v5 touch? or would it support only s60v3

Gurfateh Ji

Our next major release will be for the Apple iSeries (iPhone & iTouch) as per our market research the iSeries was the next most poplular device to the Windows Mobile platform devices. We are planing more of our time to focus on building a release for the Symbian OS, but the problem we are currentley running into is that the majority of Nokia phones are not standardised i.e. screen size, hardware specification and even the version of Operating System even if it is built on the Symbian platform. This makes planning a release for Nokia devices quite difficult as we do not want to build various Nokia release and would rather build a one for all release.

The GA for iSeries release should be soon available and as for our next target platform release please watch this space and hopefully Akaal Purkh will guide our efforts in achieving our targets.

If the sangat has any questions, feedback or suggestions please visit www.gurbanianywhere.com where you can register and take part in our online forum.


GA Team

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I think if you make screen size of N95 8gb(S60 V3) and Nokia N97 (S60 V5 TOUCH) as your standard in your project, that should cover pretty much symbian project. They are both revolutionary devices and have many users using them.

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